Saturday, May 25, 2013

Take a Break

Sometimes we all need a break from crafting.

Wait? Did I just say that?

But it's true. As much as we all love crafting there are times when we need to out down our needles, hooks, spindles, or whatever else we're working on and relax. So this week the HuffleBlog is featuring two great places to take a break in The Den. 

First up is The HuffleTainment Center. Let's start with a little history: when I joined the cup a year ago we had The HuffleLibrary and the HuffleTheater. Those have since merged into The HuffleTainment Center, your place to talk all things movies, books, TV shows, and more. 

Every month there is a theme in The HuffleTainment Center with badges to be earned if you participate. For the month of May the theme has been the 1990s. There is a badge available for watching anything from the 90s (Blossom or Full House anybody?) and a badge available for crafting something inspired by the 90s. 

Not the biggest 90s fan? Don't worry, you can talk about anything entertainment related in The HuffleTainment Center including the latest Doctor Who or that new author you've found that you just can't stop reading. Just be careful to alert anybody of spoilers in your post in huge capital letters...or maybe just avoid them!

Another great place to relax in the Den is to pop over into the HuffleGames thread. They are already on game #2 of the term. The first game was a getting to know you question and answer game where questions ranged from silly to a bit more on the serious side. 

Currently HuffleGames is hosting a word game. You don't even have to catch up, just jump to the last page and join in. Take the five letter word in the last post and create a new word by changing only one letter (rearranging is allowed). For example, at the time of publishing, the last five words had been played:


It's a great place to stop by and join in quickly when you just need a break for a few minutes from that OWL or whatever class you're working on!

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