Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Weekend #13 July 29, 30, 31

Wow! The last movie weekend of the term, already! There is sure to be much urgent OWL-finishing up happening, as well as the general end of month/end of term rush to complete! So this weekend, just for something special, there are THREE movies to choose from! And two of them are pretty long! So you can pull up your chair, grab whichever project needs finishing, and tell yourself: I have to watch all these movies! It's the last weekend of the term! Ignore the flower beds, or the lawn-watering, or any other chores and distractions that threaten to pull you away from your end-of-term-crafting, order a pizza and watch some movies!

Besides being the last week of term, this week also has an important holiday that probably usually goes unobserved. "Aunt and Uncle Day" is the 26th, so let's have some movies with Aunts, Uncles, or both:

Wizard of Oz

Gone with the Wind (who could ever forget Aunt Pitty?)

Secondhand Lions (with my favorite eccentric uncles of all time!)

Good luck with your crafting!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Weekend #12 July 22, 23, 24

Moon Day is July 20th - who knew? And does it seem odd to anyone else that there is a holiday called "Moon DAY"? Wouldn't it be more correct if it were called "Moon Night"?. Oh well...I always wonder who thinks this stuff up.

To celebrate Moon Day, here are the movies of the week:


Twilight: New Moon

Personally however, I think my celebration of Moon Day will be at night. After dark. It just seems more right that way.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Movie Weekend #11 July 15, 16, 17

I love the holiday we're celebrating this week: it's "Embrace Your Geekness Day" on the 13th. Of course I know that many of us Puffs are way to cool to admit to any geekness...but personally, it's a trait I possess in great quantities, so I want to celebrate it. Somewhere online I found a list of best movies for geeks, or something like that, and here are a couple of them:

Loser (with Jason Biggs, available to view instantly from Netflix)

Serenity (also available to view instantly)

I don't know anything about Serenity, but I know I've seen it discussed in a few threads from time to time. It appeared on a list here:

And in case you're trying to decide if you're a geek or not, here's a quote from the listverse site: "If you have not seen at least 15 of these movies, you can hand in your geek membership card right now." So go check out their list, and decide for yourself: geek, or not?