Saturday, July 28, 2012

Activities Recap: End of term Prep

Hi Guys!  I missed you last week, but I did enjoy my vacation.  I hope you all are busy with end of term wrap up projects and the mass crazyness of Ravellenics!  

Here's what's been happening around the Den:

Spinners: Lots of pretty turn in and process photos!  Also Discussion of Spinners in Orlando, FL, a Spin-Along for Quidditch, and how long it would take me to spin about 200 yds on my spindle.
Library: The anniversary of Jane Austen's death, Continued earning of Book Badges, the "Civil Union Quilters", Parasol Protectorate series and audiobooks.
Tv/Movie:  Theater goers have finished talking about Star Trek (although you can still earn a badge for Trek Craftiness until the end of the month) and are now watching Alan Rickman films as well as the Olympics.
Cleaners:The clean team was remarkably quotable recently:  "We’ve been in clean/declutter which amazingly sometimes makes a bigger mess!", "Spending time with the kid: check; Lots of knitting: check; Housework: crickets", Cleaning tip of the day, "I am tackling Mt. Dontwannawashalaundry today", Ridding food of Pantry moths by freezing.

Sock-along: The Sock-Along would like to remind you that you can continue earning Sock Badges until the end of the Month!
games:  The Gamers are playing Have you ever…  Stop in, answer a question and learn fascinating things about your Housemates!  Answers to questions like "Have you ever traveled anywhere that required the use of a passport?" and "Have you ever participated in an extreme sport?"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Firsties Represent! Our favorite projects from June 2012!

Knitted Yip Yip the Alien, project and pattern

Alchemical Accessory
Miniature Top Hat
 Hobbit's Handy Dandy Drink Holder
 Handy Dandy Drink Holder

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Activities Update!

Your friendly Activities Prefect is going on vacation and must get back to packing, so here's a short and sweet update, with lots of photos!

Spinners:  The spinners are Tour-de-Fleecing!  And talking about navajo ply.

Library:  Book fans are still earning Badges!

Tv/Movie: Theater-goers are watching Star Trek (the new one, from 2009)  And there's a BADGE!
Cleaners: The cleaners are filing, packing and coercing their kids to clean!
"My 10 yr-old nephew asked me why I was knitting such a tiny sock."
Me: “Because it’s fun.”
Nephew: “Why?”
Me: “Why do you play video games?”
Nephew: “Because it’s fun.”
Me: “There you go.”


games: The Gamers are now playing "Have you ever".  Jump in and learn all about your housemates!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday(ish) Staff!

Sorry Puffs, I keep missing Sunday!
Anyway, today we're visiting with our Spinners co-host:  Marushka!

Tell us someting interesting about yourself.
Despite growing up with a mother who knit compulsively, and two grandmothers who also knit and crocheted, I did not learn how to knit until I was in my 20s. I taught myself from a “How to Knit” brochure which featured a cartoon monkey. I attempted two sweaters, got bored before they were finished, then gave up the craft for 20 years. When I picked up the needles again a few years ago, I was instantly obsessed and haven’t stopped since.

What started you crafting?
I was surrounded by crafty women during my formative years, so it just always seemed necessary to me to be making things. Even when I wasn’t knitting, I was doing other crafts: sewing clothes, painting pottery, needlepoint, etc.

What’s the most exciting thing you crafted last term?
My Sipalu bag -- colorwork is awkward for me and I didn’t entirely love the crafting of it, but I’m very pleased with how it came out.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
(1) a self-cleaning house
(2) time to write every day
(3) a less anxious outlook on life

We’re vacationing at your house this summer! Don’t panic, we’ll get hotel rooms but you have to entertain us. What local attraction are we going to go see?
The LYS of course. Or maybe a nearby alpaca farm - few things in life are cuter than baby alpacas.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Activities Update

I hope you all had a happy and productive first week of the month.  If you were too busy casting on, here's what you might have missed:

Spinners:  Are still madly spinning for Tour De Fleece (There are LOTS of photos) and learning new skills like: how do I add a new bunch of fiber?
Marushka posted a list of suggestions for spinning for homework in July

Library: People are still popping in to collect SRP badges!

Tv/Movie: The Theater appears to be taking a short break this week, no doubt gearing up for next weekend's Star Trek XI movie weekend!

Cleaners: Many POTD lists in the cleaners this week. Potty Training woes.  the 333 Project

Sock-along: Lots of last minute sock submissions from last saturday, including Minsue's third pair of the month!

games:  The gamers are still on Last letter first, but I have it on good authority that you should be on the lookout for a new game soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helping hands in HECK!

Huzzah Badgers!

This month in HECK our class challenge has an extra twist courtesy of our Head of House minsue.  As HoH she spends a lot of time using her helping hands, cheering students on with their projects, answering questions and generally keeping the wheels on the bus around the Den.  It's time to show off *your* helping hands.

We’ll be studying the Whomping Willow this month in Herbology, the perfect opportunity to craft something for your branches (arms). Show off your helping hands in your project photos and earn your place in HECK.

... and don't forget, HECK is the place to find the tools you need to get your projects turned in to classes.  You'll find spreadsheets, calculators, project ideas and lots of support!