Monday, May 13, 2013

Charities are the name of the game!

First, straight from the Quiddy Page:
Training Film #2:  HQ15Heat               
Heat Therapy
May 15 - May 29
For this Training Film, choose and craft the following:
  • Make as few as 1 and as many as 5 hats for charity
  • Make as few as 1 and as many as 5 blanket squares for charity
  • Make any combination of 1-5 hats or blanket squares for charity
Students may make up to 5 items (hats or blanket squares) worth 15 points each, a maximum of 75 points will be awarded. Items must be for charity. The charity must be listed in the header for points to be awarded.
Size Guidelines for Charity items: Your finished hats/squares must meet the requirements of the charity you plan to send them to. This will be done on the honor system.
For example: If you say your squares are going to Knit-a-square, we know that they want 8 x 8” squares, but you turn in 2 x 2 squares, we’re going to call foul.
For Charity Squares: we know that some charities ask that you leave long tails for joining. However, per House Cup Standards, projects must have ends woven in. If you are sending to a charity that asks for long tails left on, we require that you hide these ends while photographing. If you do not, we will ask you to change your photo. If you don’t change your photo, we won’t count them.

Now, if you need charities for your donations, check out our Quidditch Pitch.  As of this Post going to press here are the charities fellow 'Puffs have suggested:
BrighteyesJessy: blanket squares for Orphans.  Mail your blanket squares to her!
Larcyarn: Chemo Caps for the Ravelry Group "Star City Chapeaus"  Mail your caps to Larcyarn.  PM for her address
You can also check these January blog posts for more charities: Charity Crafting, Part 2 and Charity Crafting, Part 1

***Also, application for our Quidditch Speed Sprint team will be up, soon!  
Watch the Hufflepuff Quidditch Pitch for your chance to show off your speediness!***

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