Friday, November 23, 2012

Class Coverage, 11/23/12

My sincere apologies for not staying current in November...why on earth is it already November 23rd???  Sigh...well, here is a wrap-up for November thus far - Badgers, you are making us all proud!! :)

Ancient Runes - 8 homework turn-ins
Charms - 16 homework turn-ins
DADA12 homework turn-ins
Flying - 7 homework turn-ins
Herbology - 8 homework turn-ins
History of Magic - 19 homework turn-ins
Muggle Studies - 15 homework turn-ins
Potions - 12 homework turn-ins

That is a total of 97 homework turn-ins so far this month...and we still have a week left to go in November!  Not counting yardage bonuses, that's 1455 points!!!  Way to go, Badgers!

And now to show off a few of the beautiful projects that the Hufflepuffs have turned in for homework:






Thank you, Badgers, for all of your hard work with your homework!!!  You definitely make all of us proud!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Advanced Studies Update - OWLs

GothKnitty finished her History of Magic OWL. She knit a cardigan to join the Malfoys and the Weasleys and a cowl to represent Dumbledore. I was sceptical of the Malfoy/Weasley combo, but it actually is a great representation of both families. Yay for interhouse unity!

Knittingnearside finished four pairs of mittens and successfully completed her arithmancy OWL!

midwestalice completed an amazing star chart for her Astronomy OWL. Check it out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Advanced Studies Update - OWLs

Sorry about my absence. I have been very sick and am just catching up now. I missed the 50% mark for my OWL, but I think I can still finish mine by the end of the month. There are a few Puffs that are NOT suffering from falling behind though and I would like to share their COMPLETED OWLS.

First up is Timeless1. She completed her Herbology OWL by spinning some bamboo fiber into cabled yarn.
cmjalisa completed her Charms OWL by knitting a Vernal Equinox Shawl. Her skills in "alohomora" are very evident!
LumosKP also completed her Charms OWL by knitting a large lace blanket, affectionately dubbed Jim and Joanne. Look how pretty!
banklady6 crocheted a lovely blanket for her Potions OWL. Her blankets are always magnificent and this Chain Reaction Afghan is no exception.
Aren't these projects beautiful?!?! Great job, ladies!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Class Coverage Wrap-Up for October!

Well, October is gone...precisely what happened to it remains a mystery to me!  Part of it was sucked up by my trip to Florida to celebrate DH's 50th birthday...which brings me to another mystery - when did I get old enough to have a 50-year-old husband?!  Ah, well...such is life!  And now, on to our Class Coverage!

As I missed out on reporting weekly for the last couple of weeks in October, I will be doing a summary this time around, reporting how many awesome Hufflepuffs submitted homework for each class!

Ancient Runes - 31 homework turn-ins...and highlighting these beautiful mittens by NarcissaM!

Charms - 59 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this adorable Wolf in Granny's Clothing by fantasium!

DADA - 53 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this gorgeous Glumbumble dyeing by yarnvista!

Flying - 59 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this lovely woven magic carpet by kazpatch!

Herbology - 73 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this badgertastic badger hat by Krypton!

History of Magic - 37 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this awesome sweater by smbennett!

Muggle Studies - 35 homework turn-ins...and highlighting this darling Husky by TBoutiqueCritters!

Potions - 55 homework turn-ins...and highlighting these amazing colorwork mitts by simplyme5252!

Assuming my calculator is working correctly, that makes a total of 402 homework submissions!  Way to go, you awesome bunch of Hufflepuffs!!!!! :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!  See you in a week or so as I get started with November!