Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are you playing Hufflepuff Astronomy Squares?

If so, I posted the story here.

If you are using squares for Astronomy, feel free to use that as a jumping off point!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Head of House Contest for February!

Attention Badgers!

Leesy has announced that she is holding a contest this month. Details are here.

Attention all ‘Puffs (but I’m not going to make you all nuts by earburning you):
February is popularly thought of as the month of love. To extend the love, your HoH is holding a special February contest. Show your love by creating a project to donate to a good cause or someone in need. I will interpret this very liberally–you can make something and donate to a formal charity or you can designate someone you know personally or casually whom you know to be somehow in need (sad, missing someone, anything) and gift them with something. You may use something you hand in as homework for a class, so long as you commit to giving it away as an act of love for someone in need. To enter, just show us your project completed by February 28, here in the thread. Earburn me so I know it’s an entry to the contest. The first week of March I’ll give each entry a number based on order of entry and use a random number generator to pick a winner of a prize which I’ll send you.

Quick Housekeeping Note

Hi all, I'm catching up on the Badger of the Day posts and will be back-dating posts accordingly. If you just pop in to read you probably won't notice, but if you're on an rss feeder I apologize in advance, as you'll be seeing a lot from me today!

Thanks for understanding.

January Prizes Announced!

A big Badgertastic congratulations to Pacasha and Hoodlumknit who both won prizes for projects completed in January!

Pacasha won a prize for her sipalu bag.

Hoodlumknit won a prize for her fiddlehead mittens. She was also nominated for a prize for her later gator mitts.

Also nominated for prizes were suzanneoswald for her cable knit throw, yarnvista for her Technicolor Droste Funcoat, and tiggersjp for her lacy gloves.

Congratulations, and great work!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Badgers of the Day February 9

After today, the Badgers of the Day feature will return with Leesy from her vacation. :)

Today's Badgers of the day are Absinthia, MopsyRoebuck, and tiggersjp.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hufflepuff Weekend Movie Nights

We were thinking about hosting a Hufflepuff Movie Weekend, every weekend. Anyone, of course, is welcome to participate (including other houses.) I could just pick something, but I think we'll leave it open to House choice.

Please post your favorite movies in the comments section. Once we've got something to choose from (say, by Tuesday?) we'll post a 24-hour poll so those of us with Netflix can make sure to get the movie by the weekend ;)

You can also PM Fluttervale.

I'll make a new post weekly with the last week's movie, a consensus on the chat that occurred in the common room, and to allow nominations for the next week.

(I do only ask that we not do a Harry Potter marathon. It's pretty clear by participation in the group that we all love Harry Potter and will watch the movies whenever we feel like it, and do not need a marathon to decide. We'll do marathons closer to new releases.)

January Statistics


I got WAY behind on January stats, so here's the final January results.


Hufflepuff Signups: 77 (72 confirmed accepted though confirmed may not be accurate)
Hufflepuff Signups by Class:
7 Ancient Runes
8 Arithmancy
4 Astronomy
9 Charms
5 Care of Magical Creatures
4 Defense Against the Dark Arts
1 Divination
3 Herbology
6 History of Magic
18 Muggle Studies
5 Potions
7 Transfiguration

Other House OWL Signups:
Gryffindor: 83
Ravenclaw: 89
Slytherin: 99

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Gryffindor: 23%
Hufflepuff: 23%
Ravenclaw: 27%
Slytherin: 26%

Most popular item category: Hat


Gryffindor: 24%
Hufflepuff: 22%
Ravenclaw: 25%
Slytherin: 28%

Most Popular Item Category: Toy


Gryffindor: 25%
Hufflepuff: 20%
Ravenclaw: 25%
Slytherin: 29%


Gryffindor: 28%
Hufflepuff: 19%
Ravenclaw: 27%
Slytherin: 26%

Most Popular Item Category: Toy, thanks to the Gryffindor Food Fight, with 43% of homework being a toy of some form.


Gryffindor: 26%
Hufflepuff: 19%
Ravenclaw: 28%
Slytherin: 26%

Most Popular Item Category: Hat, with 24%.


Gryffindor: 24%
Hufflepuff: 23%
Ravenclaw: 29%
Slytherin: 24%

Most Popular Item Category: Mitts (includes fingerless gloves).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Technique of the Week - Splicing

Ok, we've all had that moment where the end of one skein comes at an inappropriate time in the row. What do you do when you are low on that yarn, or it's one of the pricier yarns and you don't want to join a new ball only at the edge? What if you're making a circular shawl?

Try a technique called Spit-Splicing. I've used this in many of my projects and it works great.

Until next week -

Happy Crafting!

Friday, February 5, 2010

February nominations

Lots of nominations this month, fellow 'puffs'! Now don't be shy, let's go running to vote for our friends:
Pacasha, nominated for her impressive bag from Potions.
Tiggersjp, nominated for her sexy fiery gloves from divination.
Yarnvista who received two nominations! For her rather dizzying coat from Arithmancy and for her cute Puffers from Charms.
And Hoodlumknit who also received two nominations! For her cheerful detention mittens and for her fire breathing gators from divination (You sure you should let your boy play with those?).
There was also a little misunderstanding with Hoodlumknit, she was nominated for a second project from Divination, which actually belongs to djmeurer of Ravenclaw. I'm sure Hilltopkatie will fix that soon. But make no mistake when voting, people, her real project can be recognized by the path of destruction they leave behind them, I'm sure you'll find it easy to track down fire breathing gators!

Badgers of the Day February 5

Our lovely Badgers of the Day for today are dragyn, nanonukie, and sofaknitter!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Badgers of the Day February 4

The Badgers of the Day for February 4th are darwinia, knittingsheeple, and valiweep! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Badgers of the Day February 3

The Badgers of the Day for February 3rd are aksherry, binako, and sexycanadiangirl!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Badgers of the Day February 1

In the month of February our fearless Head of House Leesy will be in and out of town so we will have three Badgers of the Day on the days that she is not on vacation!

So, the Badgers of the Day for today are aksunflour, LaurieE, and YellowRaincoat!