Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newt in my backyard!

Just a check in with our lovely Advanced Studies NEWT students.  Hufflepuff has 5 students this term, so let's see what they're up to, shall we?

I asked our NEWT'ers
1) How close are you to your 50% mark?
2) What's a suprise about your NEWT?
3) What else have you been able to craft this term, besides your NEWT?

1) Handed in a couple of days ago! 
2) Two things: first, it’s gotten a lot easier. I expected it to get somewhat easier but really, I found a rhythm with the technique and it’s going so much faster now. Secondly, I expected it to become a slog at some point but it hasn’t. The pattern changes so much that once I start getting tired of something, the pattern switches to something else. Tired of bubbles? Look, there are pipes just around the corner. It’s a lot of fun seeing it develop. 
3)  Quite a lot, surprisingly. I’ve handed in four classes already; I’m waiting on my partner for the fifth one to hand it in and I’m working on a sixth as well. Those over the break activities really helped me focus.

I handed my 50% in - yey!

I’m surprised by how challenging some parts of my NEWT are. It’s been a bit tricky to figure out where to pick up stitches or whether I need to include an extra row in some squares because I’m working without a pattern.
Other than my NEWT, I finished a Peurperium cardigan for my baby-to-be. I did the first Quidditch, am planning to turn in my 4 HMC projects, and I’ll be starting a secret Mission soon. I’m going to try to squeeze in some charity blanket squares for msoyster, too.


Has been visiting Russia was but sweet enough to show this loving progress shot of a sock.  More soon!

Here are shots of a finished shawl AND a finished 2 ply spin.

1) How close are you to making it to your 50% mark? Hit this mark a few days ago. 
2) What’s a surprise about your NEWT? How monotonous some of the garter stitch is. I don’t mind garter stitch but there’s a heckuva lot with this project. The only thing that keeps me somewhat sane is the 10 yarn colors I get to switch with each section. 
3) What else have you been able to craft this term besides your NEWT? I made a hexipuff for Potions and a Tunisian Intarsia square for Charms (or was that vice-versa?). I’m about to embark on a Mission for Chief Rockinsticks - a Victorian lace bonnet veil.

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