Saturday, September 29, 2012

Advanced Studies Update

1 brave badger is attempting a NEWT by crocheting a couple crazy, colorful blankets. 50% mark is tomorrow. Good luck, softnshiny! 71 happy Hufflepuff students are doing missions for the Order of the Phoenix this term. All BROOMs are in and are accepted. Mission work begins tomorrow. 72 perky 'puffs are attempting OWLs this term. Submissions are still being accepted until tomorrow. If you haven't turned yours in yet, be sure to do it ASAP! If you have already started your OWL, remember that proposal changes are due by October 15th and 50% is due by October 30th. This is a total of 144 Advanced Studies projects! Wow!

What's going on?

Postcard Swap:
We have 55 people participating in the card swap. Everyone should have received their list to send to earlier this week and some have already started finding cards in their mailboxes.

Here's where everyone in the swap comes from:

11 countries, 4 continents
and within the US, from 23 states

I hope everyone will post updates in the Postcard thread as they receive theirs in the mail. We even have two badges for those participating.

Elsewhere in The Den, the Shawl-A-Long progresses nicely, recent discussions in the Theater focused on The Lake House (and as always, Dr. Who), and de-cluttering continues worldwide over at the Hufflecleaners.

I'm hearing lots of good news in the Fitness thread as many of us make changes that put us moving in the direction of our goals. Some are even involving family members and pets in the process.

Drop by the Library any time to share what you're reading: JKR's new book The Casual Vacancy was just released -- are you going to read it? I'd love to hear what you think.

The Give & Take thread continues to match up things with new homes, including this past week a bunch of yarn re-homed to people working on charity items.

We're still playing the "5-Letter Game" in the Games thread. I'm spending way more time there than I probably ought to, but it's a fun way to procrastinate. Come play along!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Firstie Friday: Wake Me When September Ends

Oh, wait.  September's pretty much ended for 2012!  Can it be, the first month of this term is already coming to a close?

And I am sad to say, at the end of my first month in Hufflepuff (my first time doing HPKCHC), I'm still as overwhelmed today as I was the day I was first earburned to join in Quidditch.

So good Friday morning to everyone from the sunny desert southwest in the U.S. of A.  My name is Duckfiend, and I'll be sharing Firstie Friday hosting privilege here with burningpopsicles.  I'm a knitter, crocheter, beader, writer, and photographer (in other words, I'm a long-winded jackie-of-all-trades, master of none).  And of course, the tie that binds--I'm a Harry Potter fan. :)

I have the happy task of reflecting briefly on the first month of my participation in the House Cup.  Personally, I've submitted projects for the Quidditch warm-up, and challenge 1 (the last day to Letter in a Sport--aka Challenge 1--was Sept. 25).  I've also turned in a project for Defense Against the Dark Arts, barely completing my minimum requirement for classes this month--something I hope to improve upon for October and November.  I believe there are fellow Housemates who have completed something for each class, and participated in both Quidditch warm-up, and challenge.  To those people, from a Firstie:  my mind is blown.  How on earth do you do it?!  While I still try to get up-to-speed on participating, I'm admiring the handiwork of other talented Hufflepuffs!

Here are some fantastic class projects from around our House over the last couple days:




I am really looking forward to the wonderful month of October (I say wonderful because it's my birthmonth and, of course, there's Halloween)--  Quidditch Challenge & Game 2!  Challenge 2 runs September 30-October 6, and Game 2 follows October 10-26.  I hope to see you all there!  Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here Friday after next. :)

*~* Duckfiend ~*~

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Class Coverage, 9/23/12

Good Morning, Badgers!  It's time for another installment of Class I will highlight what's been happening in Ancient Runes, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies!  Everyone's work is so lovely, and I am proud of our house's homework output!

Ancient Runes - 18 submissions so far! 

baxgirl – Milano loop cowl – post 228
carakipp – cute hat – post 226
ScarletFever – Futhark blanket square – post 221
kirsts – spinning – post 220
kimanneberly – Christmas stocking – post 219
Marushka – German heritage cloth – post 194
slothmuffin – snowy owl – post 192
Nailbunny – Hagalaz ruin cloth – post 184
knittingsheeple – rainbow mug cozy – post 183
jen2291 – Celtic shawl – post 174
LumosKP– sweater – post 169
sandy62 – cool ring – post 161
knitbunnie – aviatrix hat and cardigan – post 77
maineknitter1975 – bold smocking sampler – post 76
fluttervale – cloisters cap – post 44
Catger – dice cup – post 43
torsparkles – Joy hat – post 42
SheepTricks – runic square – post 36

Check out knitbunnie's awesome hat and sweater set:

History of Magic - 15 submissions so far (13 new as of this posting)!

LumosKP - critter nuggets - post 166
LaKimmer - Fortuna hat - post 163
brighteyesjessy - leafy earrings - post 160
ScarletFever - Asha blanket square - post 157
jen2291 - autumn shawl - post 152
MsBlackStitch - spinning - post 148
midwestAliceAnn - flower hair clips - post 139
knittingsheeple - leafy knot bag - post 126
sandybeach - snowball - post 115
knittingnearsided - Amata chess piece - post 86
Dottydori - tote bag - post 79
GothKnitty - autumn leaf - post 77
Katniss - dyeing - post 64

It has been so fun to see knittingnearsided's chess pieces show up in classes this month - be sure to check her project page for the full set:

Muggle Studies - 17 submissions so far (23 new as of this posting)!

kirsts - spinning - post 201
namihn - cabled toddler sweater - post 199
woodlandhelen - felted entrelac bag - post 198
Nailbunny - book cover - post 194
midwestAliceAnn - dust grabber - post 182
suseknits - blanket squares - post 181
sandybeach - hi mitts - post 180
JillyMac - Skeeter square - post 159
knittingnearsided - chess piece - post 145
jen2291 - gillyweed bag - post 143
starrynightsky - market bag - post 132
LumosKP - Harry's glasses blanket square - post 100
krazykt82000 - felted snack bag - post 96
ScarletFever - blanket square - post 94
lmolin - market bag - post 90

Woodlandhelen's entrelac bag is darling - lovely work!

We have one week left in September, Hufflepuff - Keep up the awesome work!

Advanced Studies Update

Wow! This year we are having a tremendous turnout for advanced studies!!!

We have a Hufflepuff student bravely attempting a NEWT this year. Projects are well underway for NEWTS. I think I can speak for all of us in Hufflepuff, when I say that we can't WAIT to see the crazy NEWT proposals become awe-inspiring finished objects! Best of luck to softnshiny!

For OWLS this year, we so far have 70 Puffs taking on the challenge.
- 5 in Detention
- 3 in Ancient Runes
- 2 in Astronomy
- 13 in Muggle Studies
- 2 in Arithmancy
- 4 in Care of Magical Creatures
- 4 in Herbology
- 9 in Defense Against the Dark Arts
- 7 in History of Magic
- 3 in Transfiguration
- 9 in Charms
- 3 in Divination
- 6 in Potions
I am so excited to see the wonderful projects that our OWL students will produce. If you have been thinking of proposing an OWL, but haven't gotten around to it yet; there is still time! You have until the end of the month to propose your OWL and until the end of November to complete it.

Also,(brings voice down to a whisper), there are at least 60 Hufflepuff students this year accepting dangerous missions from the Order of the Phoenix. They cannot tell us much about the missions, but they are all starting on the 30th. If you have been thinking about joining the OOtP, you have until TODAY to submit your BROOM... so tiptoe over there quickly and get it in!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Firstie Friday - A tour through the Huffletheatre

Hi there fellow first years, and welcome to firstie friday! My last post covered all the aspects of Qudditch, a ferocious and fast-paced sport if ever there was one, so today I thought we'd lie back, relax and take a tour through the Huffletheatre. So grab your popcorn and beverage of choice, and let's explore.

The Huffletheatre screens 2 movies each month, one chosen by theresmiling and one chosen by a poll. Each month has its own theme. September's theme has been 'Time', and this weekend's movie is The Lake House, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, in case any of you feel like watching along. Next month's theme will be 'Music', and they will be screening a real classic: Singin' in the Rain.

 If you want an earburn on Ravelry every time a movie is coming up, please do pop into the thread and say so, and you will be added to the list. I must admit that the Huffletheatre thread is one of the reasons I wanted to join Hufflepuff in the first place, because I am a HYOOGE movie nut. It is also the place for all you Doctor Who fans lurking out there, but remember, don't reveal any...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Detention Bus

Today is Wednesday. Often known about the HPKCHC as WIP Wednesday where work on ongoing projects is encouraged and supported. There are rumors around of changes to Detention and they will be announced with the start of the new term. Here in The Den we board the Detention Bus on Wednesdays and cruise the hallways and staircases of  Hogwarts in comfort working on our WIPs on the way to Detention.

Your co-drivers and tour guides are kazpatch and Shawn. We'll remind you that it's Wednesday and make sure that there are muffins and beverages to suit everyone. Take a comfy seat near the fire, or grab a desk chair near the pool on the top deck. Finish a project that you have planned for Detention points or work a set time on your ongoing project. The choice is yours. Just let us know in the Uncommon Room what you are working on. There are badges for participation each month and for handing in a Detention project each month.

Come, join in the fun and get things done!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Class Coverage by LumosKP, 9/18/12

Good Morning, Badgers!

We have been very busy this term already, with tons of class submissions already!  And there's still time - 12 days left in September to meet your goals!  So let me highlight those awesome Badgers who have turned in homework in DADA, Herbology, and Potions:

For Defense Against the Dark Arts, we have 18 Badgertastic submissions so far - very important as we want our Badgers to be able to find what they need, anytime and anywhere they need it!

fantasium – a darling Dalmatian – post 406
solfjader – divine dyeing – post 402
burningpopsicles – a fabulous fishy hat – post 391
PollyWoggers – a perfect purple hair hat – post 389
Knittingnearsided – a super cute chess piece – post 374
kirsts – beautiful dyeing – post 373
AnissaH – a great Garish ribbed hat – post 351
alitacasey – a yummy yarn sack – post 341
sandybeach – wonderful world map fingerless mitts – post 309
brighteyesjessy – an adorable gnome – post 241
scrapdash – a very cool key fob pouch – post 232
SleepyMama2122 – lovely dyeing – post 231
costumer47 – a darling project bag – post 229
lucamama – a precious pinwheel purse – post 222
krazykt82000 – a fabulous bobble beret – post 173
Jenstc2003 – a super cute jackolantern baby hat – post 127
hudfamsix – gorgeous dyeing – post 122
kayhey – a lovely notions bag – post 120

For DADA, let's highlight these nifty colorwork mitts by sandybeach - beautifully crafted and wonderfully creative:

In Herbology, we have had 23 assignments turned in!  Way to go, Hufflepuff!!!

smbennett – a gorgeous Hemlock shawl – post 215
k8erpillar – an adorable Windschief hat – post 212
PatriciaO – a lovely beaded bracelet – post 201
sandy62 – pretty fall leaves for a wreath – post 177
knittingnearsided – another very cool chess piece – post 175
jen2291 – a fantastic Autumn Red duster – post 173
starrynightsky – gorgeous dyeing – post 161
rcmarcks – a very cute maple tree hat – post 159
brighteyesjessy – a lovely willow wrap – post 155
midwestAliceAnn – a nifty mosaic dishcloth – post 148
cowgirlknitz – beautiful dyeing – post 125
Ravenluna – a cute holly bookmark – post 123
GothKnitty – a beautiful Gingko shawl – post 122
ScarletFever – a lovely blanket square – post 120
Charityuk – super cute leaves and acorns – post 118
jaygee – a stunning willow doily blanket – post 106
LumosKP– a handy yarn sack – post 96
sandybeach – fantastic dyeing – post 90
MiaParanoia – a lovely cherry tree hat – post 83
springviolet – a very cool birch hat – post 79
costumer47 – a lovely blanket square – post 50
hydra-star – a beautiful blanket square – post 45
Jenstc2003 – an adorable flower hat – post 25

What I was especially impressed with was the fact that the Badgers really did some amazing research into wand woods!  So not only do I want to highlight a project that is lovely, but I also want to suggest that you all go read some of these submissions - great work, Badgers!  I was majorly impressed with starrynightsky's dying as she did research into 6 different wand woods and dyed skeins to represent each!

Next up is Potions - and with 26 Hufflepuff submissions, this is a very popular class!  Probably because of the promise of silly wand-waving...I know I was eager to be a part of that!

alitacasey – super cool Tardis socks – post 259
lucamama – an adorable bunny nugget – post 258
nwheatley – a darling belly dancing kitty – post 255
brighteyesjessy – a cute monster hat – post 254
VampireQueen – fabulous yip-yips – post 251
kazpatch – a wonderful owl purse – post 249
Jenstc2003 – an adorable skeleton hat – post 217
kirsts – beautiful dyeing – post 208
knittingnearsided – another awesome chess piece – post 204
sandybeach – a very creative and cute indoor snowball fight – post 199
stitchbot – a perfect golden pokey stick – post 191
burningpopsicles – an awesome Gir hat – post 170
midwestAliceAnn – a very cute i-cord horse – post 169
tigerbeat – a darling bunny nugget – post 148
AnissaH – an adorable yellow piglet – post 142
suseknits – a beautiful beaded lace shawl – post 140
sandy62 – a beautiful beaded ring – post 135
kaylynwhite – stunningly cute cat legwarmers – post 122
hudfamsix – an adorable adipose – post 115
SleepyMama2122 – gorgeous dyeing – post 114
Bijou3owl – very pretty blue socks – post 98
SheepTricks – beautiful dyeing – post 32
hydra-star – an adorable Gort zombie monster – post 31
starrynightsky – a clever and cute runic stone tag – post 29
LumosKP– a handsome centaur square – post 19
silverbison – a super cute little monster – post 15

What to highlight...what to highlight...actually, she had me at "belly-dancing kitty" - way to go, nwheatley!

Stay tuned for my next blog post - more Class Coverage is on its way! :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Postcard Swap & Activities Update

HufflePost: Don't let the Owls have all the fun

Look for the new HufflePost Card Swap thread in The Den this week and sign up to participate. Send post cards or greeting cards to the names on you receive (probably 3-5 people depending on participation) and then sit back and wait for the Owls to arrive with cards for you.

Activities Update
I'm happy to report that all the activities threads are humming along.

Health & Fitness: We have weekly accountability and lots of mutual encouragement for our individual goals. Several people are working the Couch to 5K program.

Give & Take: If you discovered yarn or other supplies you could do without while you were organizing for Quidditch, take them over to the Give & Take thread. This is also the place to post info about charitable endeavors or fundraising for causes.

Spinning & Weaving: We continue to bring people over to the dark side. Spindles seem to be appearing in Hufflepuff homes around the world this term. (The moderators had a private discussion about whether to feature Aragog or Aragorn on the Spinning badge this term -- Aragog was voted most appropriate, but Aragorn is way cuter.)

Games: The perfect place to hang out late at night.

Hufflepuff Theatre: There was a nice crowd for last weekend's showing of Midnight in Paris. We've also had plenty of suggestions for what to watch while we get ready for the next movie weekend title to be announced.

Hufflepuff Library: The HP Readathon is still underway, but lots of other titles are getting shared, too. A recent request for help with science fiction titles for girls generated many wonderful suggestions.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Class Coverage by LumosKP, 9/8/12

Hello Badgers!!  Welcome to the first edition of my class reporting for the Fall 2012 term!  Every week or so, I will be telling you what our fellow Badgers have been up to in 4 classes - Charms, History of Magic, Flying, and Muggle Studies!  It has been awesome to go through these classes and see what beautiful crafting is being done by Hufflepuffs, so please be sure to check out these projects, favorite them, and leave some comments for your fellow Badgers!

First up, let's talk about far, we have 12 Hufflepuffs who have submitted their Charms homework, and it is looking awesome!  They are very well-prepared for any rough weather that we may see this year, and they are learning a ton about Meteolojinx Recanto!

JillinSingapore - a fabulous Ninjago hat – post #133
Bryshamom - a lovely shawl – post #111
kaylynwhite - a way cool Simpatico hat – post #109
OliviaB - a cute headband – post #101
costumer47 - a neat Meteolojinx Recanto square – post #100
k8erpillar – a pretty Steam Age Cowl – post #73
texaninalaska – an awesome Aurora hat – post #71
sandybeach – some very cool green mitts – post #68
nwheatley – a very pretty kerchief – post #66
yarnvista – an awesome DH Hat – post #47
PollyWoggers – some beautiful Northern Lights dyeing – post #38
Dottydori – some gorgeous Storm Dyeing – post #25

It's always difficult to choose one picture to spotlight, but for Charms so far, I wanted to show off the Aurora hat by texaninalaska - such a lovely representation of the Northern Lights:

Next up is History of Magic...we only have two Badgers thus far who have volunteered to be a part of the production of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, but their work is spectacular!  Both of these Puffs are spinners, and have created lovely special effects for the play!

Timeless1 – beautiful spinning for the stream special effects (and blue fingers!) – post #34
hudfamsix – lovely spinning that will serve as the fountain and the water – post #29

With only 2 Badgers so far in this class, I simply have to share both of their spinning pictures with you:



Flying class is really hopping for Hufflepuff...13 Badgertastic homework submissions so far, demonstrating that we are learning lots about the Point Me spell and flying through hoops!

woodlandhelen – a lovely cowl with mitering – post #179
brighteyesjessy – a pretty fluffy rainbow hat – post #167
frimptes – some amazing cables and lace socks – post #164
costumer47 – a darling bobbles blanket square – post #162
krazykt82000 – a pretty bobble diamond dishcloth – post #134
OliviaB – an adorable dress up crown – post #117
HOLLYGOOD – a way cool Time Warp cloth – post #113
Skrewkat – a gorgeous cabled hat – post #81
grafovna – a very cute ripple baby blanket – post #77
LumosKP – a squishy-faced Mandrake blanket square – post #65
knitbunnie – a darling Buckeye Baby Cap – post #42
Shawn – an adorable headband – post #28
lucamama – a very sweet princess crown – post #17

Take a look at costumer47's blanket square - I thought those bobbles really did a great job of representing not only the hoops but also the maze walls that Flying students are having to navigate this month:

And finally, we have Muggle Studies, where Back to School is the lesson of the day!  Six of our Badgers have shown that they are not only ready for a new term at the House Cup, but that they also understand what this time of year means to Muggles!

kayhey – a very pretty laptop cozy – post #83
Jenstc2003 – a lovely and handy bookmark – post #73
costumer47 – three gorgeous blanket squares – post #68
Dottydori – some Muggle shoelaces, a.k.a. beautiful spinning – post #51
alitacasey – an adorable Pebble Mug Mat – post #42
kristelknab – a darling and handy Mr. Hootigan – post #26

Well, as a big fan of owls, and also because her description of eeeeee!mail made me laugh, I simply had to show you kristelknab's Mr. Hootigan:

Okay, Badgers...that's all for now...I hope you enjoyed my first round of Class Coverage, and I really hope that these homework turn-ins have inspired you to get crafting for Helga and the Hufflepuffs!