Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Amazing Hufflepuff Talent

Hi everyone! I’m back to bring you some glimpses of how amazingly talented we Hufflepuffs are with our craft!  Check out some of these homework assignments being turned in!  You’ll be inspired for sure.

Practice your conjuring with the Floris Hippurus spell: Conjure a fish or flower. Craft a fish or flower, or something with a fish or flower motif. Non-Ravelry crafts may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Lucamama used the colors of fresh flowers to dye her yarn and then transfigured it into fish shaped bath mitt.

Scrapdash and her Den mates are recovering from a bought of  seasickness after her transfigured school of white fish decided to learn to air swim.

Texaninalaska conjured this adorable flower and attached it to a headband for her granddaughter.  I’m sure she’s going to love it.

Craft something related to a potential use of The Draught of Living Death and/or Wiggenweld potion. Spin the bonds of sleep, knit a lacy shroud for a sleeping victim, crochet something that reminds you of the Muggle Sleeping Beauty story. Or take a more practical turn: how would you use these potions to thwart (or assist!) the dark wizards of the First Wizarding war? Craft a representation of your plan!

The Draught of Living Death is a complicated potion. Study the recipe and craft something that represents one or more ingredient, potion stage, instruction, and/or piece of equipment. Spin counterclockwise, craft something lilac, weave a complicated, time-consuming pattern, crochet lace that reminds you of Valerian flowers, knit with beads that remind you of chopped Sopophorous bean.

Non-Ravelry crafts may be accepted for this class with prior approval.

TexasRachel Did an awesome job brewing up the Draught of Living Death.

KristyRecycles has been hard at work crafting something useful while under the spell of the The Draught of the Living Death.

JMN has been busy drafting her potion as well as and in honor of the vivid purple and hot pink color, she crafted a coordinating bottle cover!  Great job!

History of Magic
Option 1: Insane bravery. Show us how brave you are! Make something epically huge or epically tiny, or intricate and complex.

Option 2: Cadogan’s pony. Craft something using your second-choice materials. Maybe it’s a fiber you don’t usually like to use, or yarn you acquired long ago when your tastes were different or as a gift that didn’t quite suit you, or a type of dye that you’ve struggled with.

Option 3: Second try. Take another run at a project that failed in the past. Start the project over again, changing something to make it more successful.

JessiaSott proved her bravery and paid tribute to Sir Cadogan by knitting this incredibly tiny bunny!

One would never suspect that that VampiratKnits used second choice materials to craft this adorable little guy! What a cute kitty!

trapeze12 showed how brave she was by honoring Sir Cadogan and working up this very lovely and very tiny beaded purse!

Well that’s all we have time for today.  Check back next week, when take a glimpse inside a few more classrooms to OOH and AAH over more awesome crafting!


  1. Everyone's projects look great! I'm excited to see my little bunny in such good company. Thank you!

  2. He is so cute and tiny! Great job on him.