Monday, May 20, 2013

Quidditch: The HEAT is On!

::In my best announcer voice::
Hello Quidditch Fans!  I am SharonLuvs2Knit2, your Quidditch announcer for day 6 of Training Film 2: Heat Therapy.  Let's start with a recap of the last 5 days: 
  • On Day One, StarryNightSky was the first to Score with crochet blanket squares for Afghans for Pine Ridge!  Way to Score!
  • Day Two brought Torsparkles to the Pitch with hand-spun knit squares for Bundles of Joy!  Great job with the hand spun!
  • jen2291 arrived on the Pitch on Day Three with crochet squares for Blanket Squares for Orphan Homes.  She was followed by LumosKP with knit hats for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  Y'all rock!
  • Four 'Puffs scored on Day Four for their charities: lanismom donating to Bundles of Joy,  Luckynumbers, Timeless1, and brighteyesjessy each donating to Blanket Squares for Orphan Homes.  Woo hoo!
  • On Day Five yarnvista scored for Blankets Squares for Orphan HomesSandy62 for Moms in need, Twirlymom for Cheshire Medical Center, and jaygee scored for Street Outreach!  Awesome sauce!
This is a great start to our Heat Therapy match.  These charities will receive a boost in their support and lives will be enhanced.  'Puffs, you are awesome!

Here are your Unofficial Goals for Day 5 as of 11:00pm POT:
Remember to go to the Locker Room to talk about your project, charities, patterns and motivation (yes, lurking is allowed). Head on over to the Pitch and Huzzah! for Hufflepuff!
Some Inspiration to get you moving:
Check out the links to view the Quidditch turn-in posts!
That's all for now Quidditch Fans, you've been a wonderful audience.  Until next time; Keep your eyes on the Golden Snitch!
::clears throat::