Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movie Weekend #13 Nov 26, 27, 28

The last movie weekend of the term! It will be Thanksgiving weekend in the US, which means a 4-day weekend for a lot of people! It can also be a very busy weekend between holiday festivities, family activities, travel, and the "official start" of the holiday shopping season - "Black Friday".

I've got two movies that take place on Thanksgiving, and two movies with food as their central theme - hopefully, something for everyone! As always, movies indicated *** are available for instant viewing from Netflix.

Julie & Julia ***


Home for the Holidays

Miracle on 34th Street (1959 version) ***

Leave a comment with your choice, and I'll add them up and post the results on Wednesday. This is one day earlier than usual because of the holiday.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Weekend #12 - November 19, 20, 21

Because November 20th is "Absurdity Day", the movie choices for this weekend are all musicals.
Why? Well, for one thing, a musical weekend has been requested. The main reason for it though is because to me sometimes musicals seem a little bit absurd. A character is asked a question, and suddenly bursts into song. In the middle of conversations, people suddenly burst into song. Of course, songs are essential in a musical, but to me, sometimes, it does seem a little bit absurd.

It was really difficult to choose only four titles this week, but the choices are:

The Muppets Take Manhattan***

Little Shop of Horrors***

Moonlight Serenade***

Mamma Mia

Movies indicated *** are available for instant viewing on Netflix. Leave a comment with your choice, and the results will be posted on the 18th.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Group Projects

*waves* Hey guys! Sorry I'm late updating the Group Projects page, but I've finally done it. If you're looking for a little inspiration with your homework, we've got the project for you =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Weekend #11 November 12, 13, 14

No obscure holiday to celebrate this week, because...hey, who needs a holiday to celebrate Alan Rickman? Or could it be that any weekend with an Alan Rickman movie is a celebration?

This week's choices:

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ***

Quigley Down Under ***

Bottle Shock ***

Galaxy Quest

Leave a comment with your favorite title - I'll post the results November 11th.

(I'm sure there will be comments about the fact that Sense and Sensibility didn't make this list. I didn't forget it -- how could I forget Colonel Brandon? It is simply being saved for something bigger - look for it by December 1st.)

And many thanks to KnitforBrains, who thought up this weekend's theme!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Projects of the Week!

It's time for some more gorgeous projects Puffs! You all have done such a wonderful job that I have the hardest time deciding which ones to post. I think you will like the ones I picked this week as much as I do.

TheAlexKlein made some fantastic socks for Herbology. They were knit sideways and then seamed; how cool is that?!

This adorable colour work and steeked sweater was made for Charms by ylleflickan. It was made with a pattern inherited from her grandmother and yarn from her grandfather's favorite cardigan. What a lovely way to preserve their memories and beautifully knit sweater.

SuperM spun up some lovely sport/DK weight singles for History of Magic. Such vibrant colours! I wish I could knit with your yarn.

And last but not least is kirsts' very first sweater. She did a fantastic job and finished it in under a month. Quite an accomplishment.

That's all for this week Puffs! So keep on crafting and you just might make the next POW!