Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Staff Chocolate Frogs: Round 2

Sorry for the delay in Staff Chocolate Frogs! I was on vacation and then moved...crazy!

The standings currently are at:
1. LadyDragonsinger - 3 points
1. Lucamama - 3 points
1. KalmiaLatifolia - 3 points
1. MKmaineknitter - 3 points
5. Ashleybah - 2 points
5. Vampiratknits - 2 points
7. Auburnchick - 1 point

There will be a total of 23 points so it's not too late to join!

Now for this round. Answers are due Thursday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!)) by 9pm EST ( New York time)

4. This witch keeps lots of things organized around the house! She mostly crochets but also knits, spins, dyes, and is learning to quilt. She also collect amber jewelry!

5. This witch stalks your projects and posts them on your special day! She also spends a lot of time in the Huffletainment center. She knits, weaves, dyed, and crochets. She loves being a grandmother and has an awesome yarn room in her house!

6. This witch also spends a lot of time in Huffletainment. She knits, spins, and dyes. She is also starting to crochet more and more. She's also a lefty!

7. This witch supervises and runs many extracurricular activies in Hufflepuff! She mostly knits but does do a little crochet and dying. In college she spent a few months each year sleeping in a tent to sit in the front row at Duke basketball games. 

8. This witch does a lot of organizing of Hufflepuff Advanced Studies students, keeping them motivated and being an awesome cheerleader. She is a knitter and a crocheter, having knitted longer. She also loves spreadsheets!

PM your guesses to baxgirl by 9pm on Halloween!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All Hallow's Homework

Like most of the internet, it seems, Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday, so I've been eagerly keeping track of the many wonderful Halloween-themed turn-ins you badgers have been making for classes.  Here are some from September, to start.

ThatTessGirl outfitted her husband with a truly awesome Princess Leia hat, which I believe earned her a nomination (well-deserved!) in the September prizes thread.

krazykt82000 dyed this enviably beautiful roving.  I love a good spooky-monsters type colourway.

bbhatsnstuff knitted an adorably expressive ghost/pumpkin minisock.

Melanthe knitted a perfect candy corn hat.

CraftyShanna created an amazing turn-in for these cute little vampire bats.

KarenRedBaron made an amazing improvised cat's-eye eyepatch.

Moving on to turn-ins from this month, Lea67000 (the World's Fastest Hexipuffer!) made this fantastic jack'o'lantern puff.

 Pumpkins abound this month.  Here's a perfectly-knit specimen from Maylablue.

And LittleFit added a face and limbs to her pumpkin for extra Halloween goodness.

 broknmachin14 made her decorative gourd in hat form to donate to her local NICU.

Kirsts worked some magic that will transform her baby into a carrot!

Rikachet is helping us haunt the Den in the cutest possible way with this little ghost.

Luckynumbers has been sewing up a whole party's worth of super-cool superhero capes.

Wrapping things up with some sweetness, JessiaSott created this delicious-looking little candy corn.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's hear it for Quidditch!!

Hello there my fellow puffs!
This will be my first time blogging for Hufflepuff; what better way to start than by talking about Quidditch!

We are making a strong showing on the pitch, and I have seen so many great goals turned in.  I will be posting a weekly update with both points and photos of some of the great projects.

We are in the middle of 2 challenges; the term long "Explore the Quidditch Positions" will end midnight on November 5th.  If you haven't turned in anything for this challenge there is still time:

  • Beaters: Knit, crochet, weave or spin up to 15 projects using 50 yards/project minimum. Each project will earn 10 points.
  • Chasers: Knit, crochet, weave or spin up to 6 projects using 150 yards/project minimum. Each project will earn 25 points.
  • Keepers: Knit, crochet, weave or spin up to 3 projects using 300 yards/project minimum. Each project will earn 50 points.
  • Seekers: Knit, crochet, weave or spin up to 2 projects using 500 yards/project minimum. Each project will earn 75 points.
When you turn in your first item for this Activity, please let us know which position you will be studying by including one of the following tags. Once you’ve turned in your first project you will be locked into that position, so choose wisely!
HQ16Beater, HQ16Chaser, HQ16Keeper, HQ16Seeker

The Pre Match  Jitters challenge goes until October 19th.
No project is too small for this challenge.  Current standings:

Gryffindor has 27 goals
Slytherin has 19
Hufflepuff has 16
Ravenclaw has 8

Our current standings:
In the Nimbus Challenge bonus point changed things up:  ( these are unofficial, please excuse any math mixups that might happen)

Gryffindor: 1732
Slytherin:  1478
Hufflepuf:  1471
Ravenclaw: 1463

In the Get to know the Quidditch positions as of post# 3593 here are the standings:

Gryffindor: 3740
Hufflepuff: 2430
Slytherin:  1855
Ravenclaw: 1775

Now for the fun stuff, here are a few pics of some of the recent turn ins:
The Beater position:

             Anthrogirl17                                                                        Karenredbaron







                                                                  SEEKER POSITION:




                                                                 PRE-GAME JITTERS






Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Staff Chocolate Frog Cards: A Contest!

Welcome to our HuffleBlog Contest: Staff Chocolate Frog Cards!

Every week or so I will be posting a few "backs" of chocolate cards describing members of the Hufflepuff staff. From the date posted you will have two days to PM baxgirl on Ravelry with who you think the chocolate cards are about. All answers are due by 9pm Eastern Standard Time (New York time) on the date due. 

For every card you get right you will get 1 point. I will track these and after I've gone through all the staff members whoever has the most points will receive an awesome badge just for them and up to $5 in a free pattern download on Ravelry!

In order to prevent the last few being too easy based on process of elimination I will not post the answers until the contest is over. I will, however, post the current points rankings with each new post. 

So let's get started!

1. This witch is in charge of placing all students in Cetes and is also cete mama to her own cete. She's been a cete mama since before Headmistress Yarnvista was a cete mama (did you know she was a cete mama before becoming headmistress?). Her crafting pursuits including knitting, weaving, dying, and spinning but weaving is her current passion. She is also a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. 

2. This witch is in charge of excusing students from class, answers questions, and organizes a lot. She knits, crochets, and spins a little. She also owns 1 donkey, 6 chickens, and 7 Soay sheep!

3. This witch is new to staff this term and is a cete mama. She knits, crochets, spins, and dyes. She loves to knit up her handspun! She can also do the wave with her eyebrows! Cool!

Guesses are due to baxgirl via PM by 9pm EST on Thursday, October 10th!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 OWLs!!

We had a whopping 87 (provided I counted right) Hufflepuffs approved for OWLs this term! Comparatively 96 Slytherins were approved, 87 Gryffindors, and 98 Ravenclaws (again, provided I counted right as I am doing this while watching Alaska: The Last Frontier and trying to find patterns for their knitted hats). 

As we are now into October midterms can be turned in at any point from now (well, a few days ago) and October 31st (Halloween!). Midterms earn 75 points for the house. However, if for some reason you do not meet your midterm you can still turn in your final in November if you finish for 125 points. 

Now let's check in on some Hufflepuffs who have already turned in their midterms!

shagma has already turned in her 50% - one of her awesome O.W.L mittens from the Harry Potter Unofficial Knits magazine for Ancient Runes!

The books at the bottom of her photo is a set of the brand new HP books that her boyfriend got her to cheer her on. How sweet!

Lanismom has also turned in her 50% on her Transfiguration OWL

I love the colors in this beautiful, soon to be steeked, sweater!

First year jpester turned in the 50% on her Muggle Studies OWL - another pattern from the Harry Potter Unofficial Knits magazine - the Ginny sweater!

I can't wait to knit this sweater too!

ashleybah has also turned for her Arithmancy OWL 75 of her 150 proposed Hexipuffs!

So cute!

kirsts finished this stocking for her CoMC OWL and her soon to be born baby!

This will be a great family heirloom!

Don't worry, there's plenty of time to finish your 50% on your OWL but congrats to these Puffs who are on top of it!