Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hufflepuffs On The Go

We are one week into Spring 2013 term, and we already have some rocking Hufflepuff homework assignments completed and handed in!  You guys have been on the go and very busy over the last week.  I want to put everyone’s projects up, but sadly I don’t have that much room.  We are just that good!

But I will take a moment this week to spot light a few classes and homework submissions.  Don’t worry, I’ll grab up some more next week to spot light from some of the other classes.

Take a look at what your fellow Hufflepuffs have been up to for DADA.

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Option 1: Practise conjuring your corporeal Patronus and craft something that evokes it.

Option 2: Craft something you could hang on a hook. Please note that when we say hang, that’s what we mean. No balancing things on hooks for this class, please.

Lea67000 an upper classman conjured her patronus. Fantastic kitty patronus it is too!

Torsparkles also conjured her patronus. What an adorable badger!

Piggdiva choose to conjure something to hang on a hook. Awesome!

Next up we’ll take a quick peek in on what our fellow Hufflepuffs are up to in CoMC

Care of Magical Creatures
Summary: Craft something to keep a werewolf in check or to soothe the werewolf so he retains his human sanity OR explore the duality of the werewolf by crafting something with a dual purpose or comprised of TWO different things. The key for this option is TWO. And the number shall be TWO. TWO. Dos. Zwei. Deux. (And that exhausts the languages in which Professor frick can count.)

BinkyBean has been hard at work soothing a werewolf with this awesome paw print stocking full of treats! Great job!

LumosKP is doing some werewolf soothing as well with a topical infusion of some Wolfsbane Potion. Nice work!

PprmntMochaMama has been hard at work soothing werewolfs as well.  Check out her wrap that represents both the uncontrollable aspects of the beast as well as calming nature of the human side. Lovely!

And finally, at least for today, we’ll pop our head up into the Divination tower to see what is crafting up there.

Option 1: Craft something which may be used for or represent a future career.

Option 2: Show us something that you can be a bit fanatical about. Are you always knitting socks, crafting everything in the colours of your favourite Quidditch team or do you tend towards using owls or snitches as decoration?

Option 3: Your natal chart doesn’t just show the inevitable, it shows aspects of your character that you need to challenge in order to lead a better life. Challenge an intolerance. Is there a certain yarn, colour or technique that you avoid like the plague but which might hold you back in your crafting?

Non Rav Crafts allowed if pre-approved, see post 1 for details.

Clmnj58 is fanatical about her NY Mets! Check out her grandson’s new baby blanket! Great going!

Timeless1 choose to challenge an intolerance and dye some roving yellow! Gorgeous color!

Quiltyone showed everyone just how fanatical she is over Dr. Who, Hexepuffs, and Quilting! Very nice!

Well, that’s all we have time for today folks!  But be sure to check back next week when we take a peep inside a few more classrooms.

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  1. What fabulous projects!! Gotta love the huffledalek :)