Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Advanced Studies

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Spring Term, 2013! I'm starrynightsky and I'm the Advanced Studies Ace Reporter!

Advanced Studies

1. News from the OWL front.

Hogwarts staff have made some changes to simplify OWLs! From yarnvista’s post:

>Supplies photos are only going to need to show the yarn. The three things you do need to make sure you include are a photo of your yarn or fiber, a photo of your swatch, and a link to the pattern you are using,

>Say goodbye to the change deadline! Only those changes that alter the substance of your OWL need to be negotiated with your Examiner. A new pattern or changing to short sleeves rather than long are examples of changes that need an examiner’s approval. Adding more yarn to finish a project or changing the 2x2 ribbing to a hemmed edge are not.

>After much thought and deliberation, we are pleased to announce that we will be maintaining the current OWL and NEWT expectations but changing the OWL and NEWT points to reflect our refined points scheme as follows: OWLs will be worth 200 points total; NEWTs will be worth 450 points total

You can read the entire post here

Are you still undecided about what to do for an OWL? How about checking past OWLs to see what others have done for the prompts. Check out the OWL Hall of Fame to see the gorgeous finished projects from previous terms. It’s here

FlyKitten, Crazy Potions Recipe Girl, will be posting awe-inspiring ideas for Potions OWLs. Coming soon to a blog near you!

2. Advanced Studies hangouts, for all your crafting and traveling needs.

New for this term, places to hangout, discuss your proposal, ask questions, post pictures, kick back for some fun and refreshment, and pick up your Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean Badges! More about this next week!

3. Oh, yeah, one more thing -- Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean Badges is proud to sponsor Hufflepuff Advanced Studies this term! We are pleased to announce there will be special Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean Badges created with Advanced Studies in mind!

4. Last, but never least, NEWT students.

Hufflepuff has 4 brave NEWT students this term

Luckynumbers; her NEWT is Ancient runes, option 1 and DADA, option 3: the Null hypothesis scarf, a non-repeating double knit scarf done in fingering weight. Here is the latest picture.

kirsts and her project Arithmancy Option 2 (Multiples)/DADA Option 3 (Repel the Cruciatus Curse)  75 mitred garter stitch blanket squares in 10 different colors

Hydra-star Ancient Ruins Option 1, Muggle Studies Option 1 a sweater and pair of socks, both intricately charted. Here's the yarn she's using.

stashalert Muggle Studies, Option 1-Disguise; and DADA, Option 3-Repel the Cruciatus Curse by doing Tracery Teal’s Kimono of Many Colors  This is her proposal!

Also, a Hufflepuff tip of the hat to our own minsue who is traveling abroad in Gryffindor this term. She is doing Arithmancy option 3 and Muggle Studies option 2 -- spinning and making a complex adult 

GO NEWTers!!!!!

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  1. Yey for Hufflepuff! Thanks for sharing our pics, starry!