Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekly Activities update: Week 13

Were you too busy knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving to keep up with all of the activity threads?  That's ok!  Once you turn in all your (properly documented and tagged) projects, here's what you might have missed:
Spinners: spinning for an Order Mission, Natural fibre vs dyed?, Finished Owl!,
Swedish Chef: Yorkshire Pudding at Bellymonster's house!
Cleaners: Everyone was too busy finishing last minute projects to clean this week.
Library:  Or to do any reading.

Sock-along: Mini Hufflepuff Socks! "Welcome to the dark side. We have warm feet." Croc-Socks Pattern is up!! And lots more sock photos!
Pets: Myrtle2911 lost a kitty this week.

Activities Announcement!
While you’re madly finishing those last projects and furiously snapping photos of completed works, take a moment and think about what you want from Hufflepuff House in the Spring/Summer Term. I’ll be putting out a call for staff volunteers on the Den board in a few weeks, but now would be a great time to suggest that Brilliant activity idea that you had.
And keep an eye out for our Awesome April Activity tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NQFY's are having a HECK of a good time!

We love having NQFY's join us in the Den and HECK is no different.  Here are a few who joined us for a little March Madness:

Dottydori joined me for a little game of Stump the HECKMistriss with this lovely shawl:

Starrynightsky joined in the food fight but also illustrated the Gamp's Law exemption about creating life:

tigerbeat was practical with this colorful pin cushion:

geunevol made a mini house scarf for her owl:

and Paige524 joined in the food fight with this bejeweled mini cupcake:

Way to go NQFYs!  Great work by everyone, and we love seeing you in HECK.  No matter where you're sorted next term, please come visit us again...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Many of our operatives returned successfully this weekend. Check out some of the amazing work that was turned in.

From Central Command

#12 Grimmauld Place:
msoyster returned with a beautiful granny mandala.
Secret Keepers:
nwheatley is back with a hat that even a fickle teenager would love.
sdhsmc86 has a brand new bag and a completed mission under her belt.

From Security Operations

OWL Patrol:
canaryblue returned with a lovely coffee-colored cardigan.
lleavid has a gorgeous cocoon shrug to show for her time spent on her mission.
Forbidden Forest Security:
kerryespins successfully protected the forest perimeter and knit a beautiful new shawl.
knittingsheeple protected the forest and now she has warm feet to boot!

From Recruitment

Allied Creatures:
craftyshanna attracted nargles with her leafy gloves and leafy shawl.
Foreign Wizards:
KristiRose completed her mission with a lovely princess ruffles shawl.

From Undercover Operations
High-Risk Spell-Casting:
womblingstar has a gorgeous vest to show for her mission.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Staff!

Welcome to Sunday Staff, the blog post where we introduce our wonderful Huffle-staff members! Today, we're talking to NarcissaM, a cete-mama for the Hog Badgers.
What shall we call you? NarcissaM, Narcissa, Cissy, Rebecca, Becca… I’ll answer to them all!

What you do in muggle world? I’m currently a student who wants to have a flock of Shetland sheep and knit ALL THE THINGS.

What’s your craft? I mostly knit, but I do crochet and spin.

What project are you most proud of? Oooh… Probably my Paper Daleks sweater!

Tell us something interesting about yourself. I love Doctor Who and have a slight obsession with making Doctor Who dolls. :) I’m working on my 8th, I think.

We’re all going out to eat, but it’s up to you to decide where. So, where are we going? Let’s stay in the UnCommon Room! There’s a plethora of delicious muffins!

What one thing would you like to see happen this term? I’d like to finish another OWL and I’d LOVE to see Hufflepuff win the House Cup.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Today is the last day for our OotP operatives to return. A handful more have already come back! stitchbot successfully completed her mission in the British Channel Islands. She learned the native language, recruited magical natives, and knit a beautiful Guernsey Wrap.
fluttervale successfully passed for a 5th year OWL student by knitting these lovely endpaper mitts.
bewilderbeast completed her high-risk spell casting mission. Her goal was to contrive a stable form for dangerous greige goods and produce a written pattern in case others should find themselves in possession of same. The result.... simply magical.
Bryshamom patrolled the hallways of Hogwarts and has now returned. Her goals were clearly achieved with her cute new vest! (Her project page link will show close-ups of the little owls on the vest. VERY cute!)
kazpatch has successfully recruited Centaurs to our cause. They laughed at her idea for thick, warm socks for their hooves, but loved the magical process of knitting them. The resulting socks are very nice indeed!
We still have more than 30 operatives working on their missions. Our thoughts are with them and we wish them all a safe return today!

Activities Summary: Week 12: Photo edition

Spinners: Kazpatch's quiddich spinning!

Library: There was a lot of book chatter this week, including a mention of this shirt from

Swedish Chef: Friday was the birthday of Fannie Merritt Farmer

Cleaners: JMN says it's her favorite time of year: "time to switch out the kids’ winter clothes for summer clothes."

Sock-along: made socks for History of Magic!

Pets: Katniss' Ponies!

And there's a new Spoiler-riffic discussion of the Hunger Games up.  Which leads me to my reminder: We'd LOVE to have YOU help out in the 'Puff Common room.  Let me know what you're interested in hosting/co-hosting/chatting about. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Recently Completed OWLS

LemonRobot finished her History of Magic OWL by spinning three sock weight yarns to represent three Harry Potter characters: Dumbledore, Tonks, and Lupin. Congratulations, LemonRobot! I can't wait to see these all knit up!
jwill is done with her History of Magic OWL too. She knit tributes to Luna Lovegood, Professor Sprout, and Dumbledore. These represent those characters perfectly! Well done, jwill!
tinfu completed her Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL and practiced repelling the Cruciatus Curse with her lovely shawl. Yay, tinfu! Great job!
kaypendragon finished her Potions OWL with this lovely blanket of many colors. Congratulations, kaypendragon!
fluttervale did her Care of Magical Creatures OWL with this omelet shawl. Impressive work, fluttervale!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Our Order of the Phoenix operatives only have a couple of days to return safely from their missions. Our thoughts are with them as they make their harrowing journeys back.

We do have some operatives that have already made it back though. Their work in the field has been most impressive.

thaurisil has returned and has successfully recruited the unicorns to our side. I cannot give the details of her mission, but let me just say... there was a child involved and thaurisil did a wonderful job of both protecting the child and utilizing it's inate "cuteness" to win over the unicorns.

The Griffins have also been recruited to our cause successfully by Timeless1. She knit a beautiful lace shawl and enchanted it to hide the Griffins treasures. Genious!

hydra-star is back from patrol and, thanks to her, the Muggle Studies students are safe. She ran into some trouble, but handled it beautifully and even managed to enhance the color of her sweater in the process!

Two of our secret keepers have returned. tannina is back with a tappan zee cardigan made from handspun yarn. It is a beautiful project and I am impressed with her ability to keep this a secret!

kokopelli99 is back as well. While she had her share of problems on this mission (hint: a Muggle wedding was involved!), she has returned with a beautiful blue thistle shawl. Let's admire her work!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homework Highlights! March: Transfiguration

Did you see all the delightful food that the 'Puffs have turned in for Transfiguration homework?

frimptes made a peach.  (Go take a peek at her project page, it's a surprise peach!)

kazpatch made a cupcake box!

Our Faithful HECKmistress Jen2291 is having Muffin Food Fights.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Recently Completed OWLS

Puffs are turning in some awesome projects for OWLs! Check out these recently completed OWLS!

Bryshamom completed her Muggle Studies OWL. She did a colorful 3-part OWL with slippers, a vest, and mittens.

LateClematis completed her Muggle Studies OWL by knitting her lucky nephew a Cobblestone Pullover in orange!

Stitchbot completed her Charms OWL with a gorgeous peach, alpaca Hanami stole. She also took a gorgeous picture of her completed project!