Sunday, March 11, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

One of the Order of the Phoenix's Secret Keepers has completed her mission and the secret is out. Check out the beautiful work of PatriciaO. Her secret was kept beautifully and the project was so lovely that the designer wanted to feature it on her pattern page. (No surprise there!)

Costumer47 has also kept her secret. At the time of this posting, there was no project page to link to, so this project might still be secret. Sssshhhh! If you can keep a secret, here is a little glimpse at her amazing work.

Solfjader disguised herself as an Astronomy student and made this beautiful shawl to represent the Northern Lights. I sure am glad that we had her and her handiwork patrolling the Astronomy halls!

Lea67000 has worked hard to recruit nifflers to our cause with her hood! From what I hear, the Nifflers love it. It's no wonder why either. Check it out!

JMN helped recruit some witches of the North with her amazing colorwork skills. Check out her Thistle Vest and you will see why the witches from the North were swayed to our side!

We are already feeling safer with the valiant efforts of the Phoenixes that are already complete. They have done marvelous work. Our thoughts are with all the other brave witches and wizards completing their Phoenixes.