Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Today is the last day for our OotP operatives to return. A handful more have already come back! stitchbot successfully completed her mission in the British Channel Islands. She learned the native language, recruited magical natives, and knit a beautiful Guernsey Wrap.
fluttervale successfully passed for a 5th year OWL student by knitting these lovely endpaper mitts.
bewilderbeast completed her high-risk spell casting mission. Her goal was to contrive a stable form for dangerous greige goods and produce a written pattern in case others should find themselves in possession of same. The result.... simply magical.
Bryshamom patrolled the hallways of Hogwarts and has now returned. Her goals were clearly achieved with her cute new vest! (Her project page link will show close-ups of the little owls on the vest. VERY cute!)
kazpatch has successfully recruited Centaurs to our cause. They laughed at her idea for thick, warm socks for their hooves, but loved the magical process of knitting them. The resulting socks are very nice indeed!
We still have more than 30 operatives working on their missions. Our thoughts are with them and we wish them all a safe return today!

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