Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NQFY's are having a HECK of a good time!

We love having NQFY's join us in the Den and HECK is no different.  Here are a few who joined us for a little March Madness:

Dottydori joined me for a little game of Stump the HECKMistriss with this lovely shawl:

Starrynightsky joined in the food fight but also illustrated the Gamp's Law exemption about creating life:

tigerbeat was practical with this colorful pin cushion:

geunevol made a mini house scarf for her owl:

and Paige524 joined in the food fight with this bejeweled mini cupcake:

Way to go NQFYs!  Great work by everyone, and we love seeing you in HECK.  No matter where you're sorted next term, please come visit us again...

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