Monday, March 26, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Many of our operatives returned successfully this weekend. Check out some of the amazing work that was turned in.

From Central Command

#12 Grimmauld Place:
msoyster returned with a beautiful granny mandala.
Secret Keepers:
nwheatley is back with a hat that even a fickle teenager would love.
sdhsmc86 has a brand new bag and a completed mission under her belt.

From Security Operations

OWL Patrol:
canaryblue returned with a lovely coffee-colored cardigan.
lleavid has a gorgeous cocoon shrug to show for her time spent on her mission.
Forbidden Forest Security:
kerryespins successfully protected the forest perimeter and knit a beautiful new shawl.
knittingsheeple protected the forest and now she has warm feet to boot!

From Recruitment

Allied Creatures:
craftyshanna attracted nargles with her leafy gloves and leafy shawl.
Foreign Wizards:
KristiRose completed her mission with a lovely princess ruffles shawl.

From Undercover Operations
High-Risk Spell-Casting:
womblingstar has a gorgeous vest to show for her mission.

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