Saturday, March 17, 2012

Activities Summary: Week 11

Your Activities Prefect has gotten bored, and life is getting dangerous.  Welcome to the Quotable edition of the weekly Activities summary!

And, because I'm bored, a challenge!  There's one quote from the last week (or so - one is from Thursday March 8, and several are from March 9th) from each activity board.  The link will take you to the correct page, but not right to the post.  If you can find the quote and tell me who said it, I'll mail you a goodie.  Leave comments (be sure to include your rav user name so I can contact you) or message me on ravelry!

On to the quotes!

Spinners: "Where have all my bobbins gone?"

Library: "That and “War and Peace.” Not sure which one intimidates me more. ;-)"

Swedish Chef: "They come out crispy, like chips!"

Cleaners: "and it can’t stay as it is - because of flour beasties."

Sock-along: "I just can’t seem to follow the instructions."

Pets: "again i am a sucker for cuteness"

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