Saturday, March 17, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Jen2291 has returned safely from her mission. She has brought back with her a most convenient garment. We all know that a map of London can be extremely difficult to refold. Well, she has created a map of London in her circular jacket! It shows all of the major roads and stations and now she can move around the city without getting lost. Great work!
ValkyrieLHWB has also returned safely from her secret-keeping mission. I understand that her journey was quite harrowing, but in the end, it was clearly successful. It should be mentioned that not only did she knit the lovely shawl, she also dyed the yarn that was used to create it and is completely responsible for the lovely colors you see!
I am proud to say that I, grafovna, have also returned from my mission and the mission was a success. I patrolled the halls of Hogwarts as a Muggle Studies OWL student and blended in perfectly.

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