Thursday, March 22, 2012

Missions Accomplished!

Our Order of the Phoenix operatives only have a couple of days to return safely from their missions. Our thoughts are with them as they make their harrowing journeys back.

We do have some operatives that have already made it back though. Their work in the field has been most impressive.

thaurisil has returned and has successfully recruited the unicorns to our side. I cannot give the details of her mission, but let me just say... there was a child involved and thaurisil did a wonderful job of both protecting the child and utilizing it's inate "cuteness" to win over the unicorns.

The Griffins have also been recruited to our cause successfully by Timeless1. She knit a beautiful lace shawl and enchanted it to hide the Griffins treasures. Genious!

hydra-star is back from patrol and, thanks to her, the Muggle Studies students are safe. She ran into some trouble, but handled it beautifully and even managed to enhance the color of her sweater in the process!

Two of our secret keepers have returned. tannina is back with a tappan zee cardigan made from handspun yarn. It is a beautiful project and I am impressed with her ability to keep this a secret!

kokopelli99 is back as well. While she had her share of problems on this mission (hint: a Muggle wedding was involved!), she has returned with a beautiful blue thistle shawl. Let's admire her work!

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