Saturday, March 10, 2012

Activities Summary: Week 10

The Headmistress challenge was released this week and it has been pointed out that submitting only 8 photos is the points equivalent of submitting a class project.  Please take a moment and add your photos to the challenge!  If you need a hand (or want a badge!), stop by our Hufflepuff Headmistress Challenge Help thread. 

If you got distracted looking for photos, here's what you might have missed around the den this week:

Library: Dr. Suess books, Confederacy of Dunces, Catcher in the Rye for angst-ridden middle school students

Swedish Chef: Hazelnut Shortbread and a new discussion topic: Side dishes!

Cleaners: New Goals and “it’s ok to come in and lament that you haven’t gotten anything done” 

Sock-along: A Furry Helper, Technical questions 

Pets: Horses!

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