Friday, January 22, 2010

Technique of the Week

Have you tried casting on for a circular shawl and wanted to stab someone with the dpns before you were finished?

Well, here's a couple different ways to start those circular project and keep your head at the same time.

This one starts you off with a crochet hook and, even though she's using dpns, the hard part is already done by the time you start your stitching. And you can always use a circular needle instead. The second half of the video shows something similar to last week's cast on and will create an even neater beginning. (This is the same MtMom as on Ravelry.) And you can check out her kitty, Chloe.

And here is a cool cast-on for the tops of socks, cuffs of mittens or anything that will be circular, tubular or otherwise cylindrical. (by the way, this is not the same yarndude on Ravelry).

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