Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Quidditch: Sharing is Caring

Quidditch players from all the houses will be looking for house colors this term. Individuals are under absolutely no obligation to trade or sell anything, anytime, anywhere. However, if you find yourself with a pile of house color yarn that you wish to part with, well, there's a solution. Tag the yarn with the appropriate house tag:

qgryffindor - red and gold
qhufflepuff - yellow and black
qravenclaw - blue and bronze or silver
qslytherin - green and silver

Be careful with your spelling - it counts!

If you are in search of house colors, you can search stashes for the qhufflepuff tag or just use this link here.

If you just need to make a uniform or have your stash inspected, embroidery floss is widely available and will fulfill your needs in yellow and black for very little financial outlay.

Please remember that there are a lot of tags floating around the House Cup right now and that someone might have accidentally tagged something that they aren't actually willing to sell or trade. Also, if you agree to a sale or trade, please remember to treat others as you wish to be treated.

If you need help securing house colors, please contact me, Needlesnswiffers.

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