Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Quidditch: Favorites Sort

One of the warm-up events for Quidditch leading up to the Ravelympics is sorting your favorite patterns. It's only for favorited patterns, not projects, forum posts, or clipped ads, so it's a lot less work than it could be. Yay!

The image here shows how to look at just the favorited patterns - go to your favorites and then click on the patterns (highlighted in green).

Faved Patterns will be scored on:

No untagged patterns - Every pattern needs at least one tag. The first entry on the list of tags shows the number of untagged patterns. If you click it, all your untagged patterns will come up and you can get to tagging!

No more than 10% “singleton” tags - (only 1 thing tagged ‘sock’ and 32 things tagged ‘socks’? Fix it.) The idea here is to get rid of redundant tags, and make your tags work for you.

And when the Inspection Beater lists your name, she will list beside it the one word that the coaches should search on to be certain that you have tagged at least 7 Faved Patterns to fantasize about making for yourself. - Dream big, dream small, the only requirement is that you choose 7 patterns that you want for yourself and tag them with something, and tell Coribug what that something is. It can be "mine" or "Steph" or "ShaylasAwesomeStuff" or "dreamy" or "retirement" or "Rumpelstiltskin" - you just have to have 7 of them, and tell Coribug what to tell the Coaches to look for. That's it!

The deadline to be prepared is January 23rd!

Your Inspection Beater is Coribug and her assistant is Juliebug137.

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