Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Quidditch: Stash Sort

One of the warm-up events for Quidditch leading up to the Ravelympics is sorting your stash. Of course our esteemed Coach and Assistant Coach won't be knocking on your door to inspect, so they have to check out what you have in the stash feature on Ravelry.

Stashes will be scored on:

Photos for all yarns - This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Presence of both House colors tagged “QColors" - You've got to have yellow and you've got to have black. Make sure you spell it this way, or if you spell it qcolours that you alert everyone.

“Stored in” is filled in for all yarns - This just needs to be something, anything, that indicates TO YOU where this yarn is. Bookshelf, blue bin, tucked above the ceiling tile 4 up and 3 over, whatever.

At least 7 yarns tagged “QPlan” with notes in the notes section about what you plan to use it for! - A plan is a plan; "I plan to make myself socks!" is a plan.

At least 1 yarn tagged "QStory" with notes in the notes section about why/how this yarn is special. - This is the yarn someone special gave you, or you won it, or you bought it to make yourself feel better, or it was your first yarn-store-yarn... anything. Everything has a story.

The deadline to be prepared is January 23rd!

Your Inspection Beater is Coribug and her assistant is Juliebug137.

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