Thursday, January 7, 2010


Quidditch Knitty-Gritty

- By Jan 16th, we choose a team name for Ravelympics on our Practice Pitch
- By Jan 23rd, photo and update your stash. (Make sure that everything listed in your stash is all purty. The coaches don't know that you have yarn that's not listed, so it's better to be correct with what's there than thorough with what you own.) Check here for the specifics on stash requirements.
- By Jan 23rd, Pretty up your Favorites. Check here for the specifics on favorites requirements.
- By Feb 6th, make your uniform following the directions in this post. Post a picture of you wearing your Uniform to the Quidditch thread.
- By Feb 6th, put on your Quidditch Ravatar. Yet to be posted.
- Feb 12th Ravelympics begin! Visit This Forum for the full Ravelympics info.
- Feb 28th Ravelympics end!
- March 1st Sock Chaser Challenge
- March 6th Crochet Chaser Challenge
- March 13th Square Chaser Challenge (for new knitters)

Dates that aren't relevant to non-primary-team members (beaters, chasers, seeker, keeper) are not listed here for confusionary purposes.

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