Saturday, January 16, 2010

Technique O' the Week

Short and sweet!
Last term I came across a lovely new friend, BrineyDeep of Ravenclaw. We made a little competition between ourselves to see who could knit the most Ysolda Teague patterns during fall term. She CLOBBERED me. Anyway, one day I was looking through striped projects, trying to inspire myself to use up sock leftovers and I came across this tutorial made by my sweet fellow Housecupper. Coincidence? Fate? Won't you join me in a little Walking Stripes love? Could be a nice Divination project, if you are so inclined.

BTW I never did use up those little nubbins of yarn. But I will. Really.


  1. Oh, oh oh! I was going to use that technique to knit myself some scrappy socks!

  2. And I want to use it on some longies!