Monday, January 18, 2010

All About Quidditch: The Overview

If you want to play but aren't sure what is going on, I hope that this quick series will help explain things. As we all know, the muggles are having their Winter Olympics this February in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. On Ravelry, the Ravelympics is the fibery salute to pushing yourself to achieve greatness by beginning and completing a project during the Winter Olympics. Any project! You can knit, crochet, or even set your mind to spinning. The rules for the Ravelympics are right here, but the One Rule is to Challenge Yourself.

House Cup Quidditch for the Winter 2010 term is centered on taking our houses to the Ravelympics. There are warm-up events (sorting your stash and favorites), quidditch uniforms to make for the Ravelympics, and the exhibition events in March to cool down. The best part is that individuals can join in for any or all of these!

As a member of Hufflepuff House, you are very welcome and encouraged to Challenge Yourself with Team Puff Quidditch Cup. The commitment for this is:

1. create a team uniform (it is small! Details TBA)
2. choose a project to Challenge Yourself
3. tag your project

Now, there has been a lot of information about tagging, and not surprisingly, a lot of confusion about who's tagging what for what where, tag tag taggity tag hooray. I want to make this easy. That is why you're here!

Because the rules for the Ravelympics are barely published and the events available haven't come out yet, I'm going to recommend that for right now - don't worry about the project tags. We can worry about them later when all the tools are available to help. Just work on making sure you have the materials for your uniform (house colors of pretty much any knitable or crochetable substance) and choosing an awesome project.

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