Monday, August 26, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 11

And we're jumping right in!

First up Shawn who designed and knit a pair of cable socks for Astronomy:

BayouBird interpreted complicated charts to create this beautiful shawl for Ancient Runes:

kimanneberly made this beautiful tablecloth for her divination OWL:

Randi88 also used some Whovian charts for her Ancient Runes OWL for her Bigger on the Inside Shawl:

And to finish up today HuffleBlogger JessiaSott hatched a spider egg for Care of Magical Creatures. This blanket is going to a very lucky kid:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 10

I've done 10 of these so my cute beginnings are waning. So let's see the OWLs! It's why you're here anyways.

We start with a spinning OWL from ChellBelle. She spun 8 oz of fibre into 4-ply cabled yarn on her spindle for her Herbology OWL:

alchemycat completed an Astronomy OWL by weaving scarves for different parts of the solar system. First up is the sun:

Then Venus:



And finally Saturn:

Twistetsister did a spinning OWL, transfiguring large amounts of fiber into yarn for Transfiguration:


And another 200g for 900g of fibre to yarn total:

Back to knitting: fluttervale knit three baby sweaters for Defense Against the Dark Arts:

kayhey groomed a Hippogriff for her Care of Magical Creatures OWL: what a beautiful shawl!

And finally for today we have PoofyBird. For her Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL PoofyBird completed her binder for TGKA Master Hand Level 1, this is her 6th volume

And a sample of what is inside:

We've almost gone through all of the amazing Puff OWLs! Keep looking for more here on The HuffleBlog this month!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 9

Surprise! I'm still reporting on OWLs!

First up we have maineknitter1975 who knit this four adorable sweaters for Muggle Studies:

Next is tricotjo and her completed History of Magic OWL. She knit this awesome colorwork mittens to represent the Forbidden Forest:

These socks for Arthur Weasley incorporate his love of muggle transportation: they're the colors of the different London Tube lines!

And these BAM! POW! mitts represent Fred and George Weasley's enterprise: Weasley Wizarding Weezes:

cariboustar submitted a Transfiguration weaving OWL. Look at the beautiful fabrics!

And kazpatch honored the mother's of Harry Potter with her History of Magic OWL:

For Narcissa mother of Malfoy:

For Molly, mother of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny:

And for Lily, mother of Harry:

And our last OWL today is from cmajalisa who also completed a History of Magic OWL

Rubeus' Roaming Shawl:

Luna is Stellar:

And Molly's Shawl:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: Order Missions, Part 5

We've got much more Hufflepuffley goodness to show off today, so let's take a look at some more projects for the Order of the Phoenix!

craftyshanna went back in time to do some colorful spinning for the Order:

HOLLYGOOD made this beautiful shawl for her Central Command mission:


MediaPeruana honored Hermione Granger with this lovely cardigan:

We had lots of operatives volunteer for undercover missions at concerts. First up is MsOyster with this beautiful poncho::

Next Myrtle2911 made this gorgeous shawl:

Finally, quiltyone learned how to knit continental to make these groovy blanket squares:


Beautiful work, Badgers! I hope everyone is getting ready for next term - Hufflepuff produced a lot of great Advanced Studies projects last term, and we can do it again! Huzzah!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: Order Missions, Part 4

We have lots more beautiful 'Puff projects to show off today!

kirsts made these colorful blanket squares in tribute to another great Badger, Nymphadora Tonks:

Marushka expanded the Order network with this lovely shawl:

kazpatch danced her way through a recruitment mission while wearing this beautiful shawl:

nwheatley knit this fantastic pair of socks to aid in her security mission:

RavenLuna made a beautiful and colorful shawl to pay tribute to the beautiful and colorful Tonks:

Luckynumbers worked for Central Command and finished her work with this gorgeous shawl:

and Vampiratknits paid tribute to fallen hero Arabella Figg with a beautiful shawlette and socks:

Beautiful work, Badgers! I hope everyone is feeling inspired to try out an Order mission or OWL in the coming term. I know I am! Check back throughout August to see the wonderful projects that Hufflepuff Order operatives completed!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 8

I love OWLs!!

First up today we have Marushka with her History of Magic OWL. She created this blanket to be donated to St. Mungo's in honor of the St. Mungo:

She knit this shawl to represent Twilfitt and Tatting's in Diagon Alley:

And for her third location she knit this shawl to represent the Lovegood's home:

What a great way to do HoM with locations instead of people!

KristiRose also completed her History of Magic OWL with three pairs of socks. She knit socks inspired by Draco Malfoy:

Socks for Hermione:

And finally socks for Dolores Umbridge:

WomblingStar conquered the Cruciatus curse with this adorable sweater! In lace weight! Talk about brave. 

Next up is TinySticher who completed her Potions OWL with this large and colorful blanket!

And finally we have a spinning owl! mma spun all this beautiful yarn to represent the solar system for her astronomy OWL!

Don't forget! You can propose a NEWT any time this month and prepared your OWL proposals this month so they're ready to go September 1st!