Monday, August 19, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: Order Missions, Part 4

We have lots more beautiful 'Puff projects to show off today!

kirsts made these colorful blanket squares in tribute to another great Badger, Nymphadora Tonks:

Marushka expanded the Order network with this lovely shawl:

kazpatch danced her way through a recruitment mission while wearing this beautiful shawl:

nwheatley knit this fantastic pair of socks to aid in her security mission:

RavenLuna made a beautiful and colorful shawl to pay tribute to the beautiful and colorful Tonks:

Luckynumbers worked for Central Command and finished her work with this gorgeous shawl:

and Vampiratknits paid tribute to fallen hero Arabella Figg with a beautiful shawlette and socks:

Beautiful work, Badgers! I hope everyone is feeling inspired to try out an Order mission or OWL in the coming term. I know I am! Check back throughout August to see the wonderful projects that Hufflepuff Order operatives completed!

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  1. Awesome projects, badgers! Thanks for including mine in such great company!