Thursday, August 15, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 6

Aaaaand....we're back! 

First up is broknmachin13 with her Charms OWL. Not only is this beautiful lace but she also used over 1,000 beads!

In her History of Magic OWL Clotho honored three historic witches. First up a cowl honoring Ginny Weasley:

A tank top for Nymphadora Tonks:

And a shawl for Narcissa Malfoy:

Our headmistress yarnvista earned some points for Hufflepuff with these socks; the result of hatching a bugbear egg for Care of Magical Creatures. Not only did she knit these beautiful things but she also spun the yarn!

For Muggle Studies HOLLYGOOD created this beautiful sweater:

And finally Jenstc2003 interpreted the solar system with two pairs of socks: a pair for the sun and a pair for Mars:

Have you stopped by the Advanced Studies Planning thread to explore your AS options? If not, stop by today!

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