Sunday, August 25, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 10

I've done 10 of these so my cute beginnings are waning. So let's see the OWLs! It's why you're here anyways.

We start with a spinning OWL from ChellBelle. She spun 8 oz of fibre into 4-ply cabled yarn on her spindle for her Herbology OWL:

alchemycat completed an Astronomy OWL by weaving scarves for different parts of the solar system. First up is the sun:

Then Venus:



And finally Saturn:

Twistetsister did a spinning OWL, transfiguring large amounts of fiber into yarn for Transfiguration:


And another 200g for 900g of fibre to yarn total:

Back to knitting: fluttervale knit three baby sweaters for Defense Against the Dark Arts:

kayhey groomed a Hippogriff for her Care of Magical Creatures OWL: what a beautiful shawl!

And finally for today we have PoofyBird. For her Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL PoofyBird completed her binder for TGKA Master Hand Level 1, this is her 6th volume

And a sample of what is inside:

We've almost gone through all of the amazing Puff OWLs! Keep looking for more here on The HuffleBlog this month!

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