Friday, August 2, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: NEWTS

We had three amazing Hufflepuffs finish a NEWT during the Spring 2013 term.

First off was kirsts and her Arithmancy/DADA NEWT:

kirsts used the 75 squares as a part of this blanket:

Next we had LuckyNumbers with her DADA/Ancient Runes:

Now that's some crazy colorwork. 

Finally, we have stashalert with her Muggle Studies/DADA NEWT:

We are so proud of our awesome NEWT-ers this term. If you're thinking of attempting a NEWT for the Fall 2013 term head on over to the Advanced Studies planning thread in the Den! We'd love to see even more Hufflepuffs able to make their long term knitting goals. 


  1. Yey us! Thanks for all of your support, everyone! I hope lots of Puffs try NEWTs this term -- it was really fun!

  2. Everyone's work is stunning. I hope these photos encourage others to try their hand at tackling a dream project this next term. It isn't as hard as you think, especially if it's something you'd love to make.