Thursday, August 22, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 9

Surprise! I'm still reporting on OWLs!

First up we have maineknitter1975 who knit this four adorable sweaters for Muggle Studies:

Next is tricotjo and her completed History of Magic OWL. She knit this awesome colorwork mittens to represent the Forbidden Forest:

These socks for Arthur Weasley incorporate his love of muggle transportation: they're the colors of the different London Tube lines!

And these BAM! POW! mitts represent Fred and George Weasley's enterprise: Weasley Wizarding Weezes:

cariboustar submitted a Transfiguration weaving OWL. Look at the beautiful fabrics!

And kazpatch honored the mother's of Harry Potter with her History of Magic OWL:

For Narcissa mother of Malfoy:

For Molly, mother of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny:

And for Lily, mother of Harry:

And our last OWL today is from cmajalisa who also completed a History of Magic OWL

Rubeus' Roaming Shawl:

Luna is Stellar:

And Molly's Shawl:

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