Sunday, August 4, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 1

This term we had 54 awesome Hufflepuffs complete an OWL. Over the break month we'll be featuring those Hufflepuffs here on The HuffleBlog!

The first Hufflepuff to turn in her OWL was lea67000 with her Care of Magical Creatures Hatch-an-Egg OWL. She successfully hatched a zebra striped pig egg!

Up next was trapeze12 and her History of Magic OWL:

costumer47 made this awesome colorwork blanket for her Ancient Runes OWL:

DottyDori spun 1,619 yards of lace weight yarn for her Charms OWL:

Finally, knitbunnie knit her dream for Divination of a baby sweater set and blanket:

The solid color squares in her blanket are actually washcloth squares and feature different pictures. One if my favorites was this moose. Because who doesn't want a moose on their blanket?

That's all for today but keep checking back for more OWLs during break month!

1 comment:

  1. All lovely! I may have to check out knitbunny's blanket.... I bet there are other animals in there, too!