Sunday, August 18, 2013

Advanced Studies S13: OWLs Part 8

I love OWLs!!

First up today we have Marushka with her History of Magic OWL. She created this blanket to be donated to St. Mungo's in honor of the St. Mungo:

She knit this shawl to represent Twilfitt and Tatting's in Diagon Alley:

And for her third location she knit this shawl to represent the Lovegood's home:

What a great way to do HoM with locations instead of people!

KristiRose also completed her History of Magic OWL with three pairs of socks. She knit socks inspired by Draco Malfoy:

Socks for Hermione:

And finally socks for Dolores Umbridge:

WomblingStar conquered the Cruciatus curse with this adorable sweater! In lace weight! Talk about brave. 

Next up is TinySticher who completed her Potions OWL with this large and colorful blanket!

And finally we have a spinning owl! mma spun all this beautiful yarn to represent the solar system for her astronomy OWL!

Don't forget! You can propose a NEWT any time this month and prepared your OWL proposals this month so they're ready to go September 1st!

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