Friday, September 7, 2012

First Firstie Friday, Fall 2012

Hello and welcome, fellow first-years! I hope you have all been enjoying your first term in Hufflepuff. This is my first official term at Hogwarts; last term I played as a NQFY and had so much fun (and finished so many projects!) that I knew I had to come back for more. Over the coming weeks I hope to look more closely at all the projects, games, goal-setting and movie-watching that there is to do around here. Opening up Ravelry and seeing 300 new posts to read can seem awfully intimidating, so every Friday you can look to the Huffleblog for a neat little summary of our house activities. Please feel free to PM on ravelry with any suggestions for articles you would like to see.

But enough wiffling and waffling. Time to get straight to the point, and the point is: Quidditch. We already have the cup...let's hang on to it this year too, why not? Also...

Why not, indeed. You have until the end of the day to turn in the first quidditch challenge of the month, and an extremely helpful one it is too. Who hasn't looked at the 'untagged' folder of their favourites list in despair, or tried to shove a squirming writhing pile of yarn into a basket that is clearly, ahem, a...leetle too small? Take this opportunity to get it over and done with and get organised, people. Remember, not only do you get rid of that niggling little feeling of  'oh-I-should-do-itis' that always lurks in the back of your mind, you also get POINTS! Oh, glorious fake internet points! So do it for Hufflepuff, but do it for yourself too. So go on, organise that favorites list, or stash cupboard, or craft room. Stop dreaming that you are ever going to knit that hideous sweater for a special someone you broke up with months ago, and yank that sucker from your queue like an old band-aid. You'll feel better afterwards, and then you can reward yourself with a nice cup of tea, and of course the ubiquitous muffin.

Alas, I can only reward you with fake internet muffins, but I can give you various links that might be helpful if quidditch confuses you. The instructions for the first challenge can be found here, and it also includes tutorials on how to take and post screenshots. In case you haven't already guessed it involves organising your stash, project page, craft room, favourites or queue. Here is a list of all the challenges for this term, and this is also the thread you post in in order to turn in your quidditch (for instructions on how to turn in quidditch, go here).  If you have any questions, or just want to boast about the number of things you culled from your favourites list, we have our very own Hufflepuff quidditch thread here.

Let's go Hufflepuff ... rah rah rah! I'm not good ... at writing cheers!

Personal failings aside, I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour, and feel motivated enough to turn in your quidditch. Ravenclaw and Slytherin are ahead of us in the rankings, but not by much: it's anyone's game at this point!

Tune in next week for another firstie Friday...I look forward to exploring the castle together with you :)


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