Friday, September 21, 2012

Firstie Friday - A tour through the Huffletheatre

Hi there fellow first years, and welcome to firstie friday! My last post covered all the aspects of Qudditch, a ferocious and fast-paced sport if ever there was one, so today I thought we'd lie back, relax and take a tour through the Huffletheatre. So grab your popcorn and beverage of choice, and let's explore.

The Huffletheatre screens 2 movies each month, one chosen by theresmiling and one chosen by a poll. Each month has its own theme. September's theme has been 'Time', and this weekend's movie is The Lake House, with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, in case any of you feel like watching along. Next month's theme will be 'Music', and they will be screening a real classic: Singin' in the Rain.

 If you want an earburn on Ravelry every time a movie is coming up, please do pop into the thread and say so, and you will be added to the list. I must admit that the Huffletheatre thread is one of the reasons I wanted to join Hufflepuff in the first place, because I am a HYOOGE movie nut. It is also the place for all you Doctor Who fans lurking out there, but remember, don't reveal any...

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  1. Huzzah! Great post, dear. It's nice that the Theatre was one of the reasons for you to become a Hufflepuff. :o)