Sunday, September 23, 2012

Advanced Studies Update

Wow! This year we are having a tremendous turnout for advanced studies!!!

We have a Hufflepuff student bravely attempting a NEWT this year. Projects are well underway for NEWTS. I think I can speak for all of us in Hufflepuff, when I say that we can't WAIT to see the crazy NEWT proposals become awe-inspiring finished objects! Best of luck to softnshiny!

For OWLS this year, we so far have 70 Puffs taking on the challenge.
- 5 in Detention
- 3 in Ancient Runes
- 2 in Astronomy
- 13 in Muggle Studies
- 2 in Arithmancy
- 4 in Care of Magical Creatures
- 4 in Herbology
- 9 in Defense Against the Dark Arts
- 7 in History of Magic
- 3 in Transfiguration
- 9 in Charms
- 3 in Divination
- 6 in Potions
I am so excited to see the wonderful projects that our OWL students will produce. If you have been thinking of proposing an OWL, but haven't gotten around to it yet; there is still time! You have until the end of the month to propose your OWL and until the end of November to complete it.

Also,(brings voice down to a whisper), there are at least 60 Hufflepuff students this year accepting dangerous missions from the Order of the Phoenix. They cannot tell us much about the missions, but they are all starting on the 30th. If you have been thinking about joining the OOtP, you have until TODAY to submit your BROOM... so tiptoe over there quickly and get it in!

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