Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's play

Two shiny new threads have opened since last week's activities report --

Badger Games

Hosted by Pollywoggers, the game thread offers a new game every week or so. Currently we're playing "last letter first, yarn edition." Take the word in the last post and use the last letter of it as the first letter of the word you post. In our version, the words need to be related to the fiber arts. Drop by and play along! Something new will be along soon, too.

Give and Take

If you have yarn, tools, crafting supplies, etc., that you'd like to send on to someone who would love them, this is the place. Likewise, if you're looking for sock yarn minis, some fiber to try out with your new spindle, etc., post a note here. Last term yarn, patterns, craft kits, and more were happily given away to new owners. We even had some services on offer, including a pair of socks knitted. If you have just organized your stash for Quidditch and would like to free up some space for the new and shiny, post some pictures of what you're ready to let go and we'll find it a new home.

As always, leave a comment or send me a PM on Ravelry if you have feedback or questions about Hufflepuff Activities.

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