Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Detention Bus

Today is Wednesday. Often known about the HPKCHC as WIP Wednesday where work on ongoing projects is encouraged and supported. There are rumors around of changes to Detention and they will be announced with the start of the new term. Here in The Den we board the Detention Bus on Wednesdays and cruise the hallways and staircases of  Hogwarts in comfort working on our WIPs on the way to Detention.

Your co-drivers and tour guides are kazpatch and Shawn. We'll remind you that it's Wednesday and make sure that there are muffins and beverages to suit everyone. Take a comfy seat near the fire, or grab a desk chair near the pool on the top deck. Finish a project that you have planned for Detention points or work a set time on your ongoing project. The choice is yours. Just let us know in the Uncommon Room what you are working on. There are badges for participation each month and for handing in a Detention project each month.

Come, join in the fun and get things done!!!!

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