Saturday, September 8, 2012

Class Coverage by LumosKP, 9/8/12

Hello Badgers!!  Welcome to the first edition of my class reporting for the Fall 2012 term!  Every week or so, I will be telling you what our fellow Badgers have been up to in 4 classes - Charms, History of Magic, Flying, and Muggle Studies!  It has been awesome to go through these classes and see what beautiful crafting is being done by Hufflepuffs, so please be sure to check out these projects, favorite them, and leave some comments for your fellow Badgers!

First up, let's talk about far, we have 12 Hufflepuffs who have submitted their Charms homework, and it is looking awesome!  They are very well-prepared for any rough weather that we may see this year, and they are learning a ton about Meteolojinx Recanto!

JillinSingapore - a fabulous Ninjago hat – post #133
Bryshamom - a lovely shawl – post #111
kaylynwhite - a way cool Simpatico hat – post #109
OliviaB - a cute headband – post #101
costumer47 - a neat Meteolojinx Recanto square – post #100
k8erpillar – a pretty Steam Age Cowl – post #73
texaninalaska – an awesome Aurora hat – post #71
sandybeach – some very cool green mitts – post #68
nwheatley – a very pretty kerchief – post #66
yarnvista – an awesome DH Hat – post #47
PollyWoggers – some beautiful Northern Lights dyeing – post #38
Dottydori – some gorgeous Storm Dyeing – post #25

It's always difficult to choose one picture to spotlight, but for Charms so far, I wanted to show off the Aurora hat by texaninalaska - such a lovely representation of the Northern Lights:

Next up is History of Magic...we only have two Badgers thus far who have volunteered to be a part of the production of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, but their work is spectacular!  Both of these Puffs are spinners, and have created lovely special effects for the play!

Timeless1 – beautiful spinning for the stream special effects (and blue fingers!) – post #34
hudfamsix – lovely spinning that will serve as the fountain and the water – post #29

With only 2 Badgers so far in this class, I simply have to share both of their spinning pictures with you:



Flying class is really hopping for Hufflepuff...13 Badgertastic homework submissions so far, demonstrating that we are learning lots about the Point Me spell and flying through hoops!

woodlandhelen – a lovely cowl with mitering – post #179
brighteyesjessy – a pretty fluffy rainbow hat – post #167
frimptes – some amazing cables and lace socks – post #164
costumer47 – a darling bobbles blanket square – post #162
krazykt82000 – a pretty bobble diamond dishcloth – post #134
OliviaB – an adorable dress up crown – post #117
HOLLYGOOD – a way cool Time Warp cloth – post #113
Skrewkat – a gorgeous cabled hat – post #81
grafovna – a very cute ripple baby blanket – post #77
LumosKP – a squishy-faced Mandrake blanket square – post #65
knitbunnie – a darling Buckeye Baby Cap – post #42
Shawn – an adorable headband – post #28
lucamama – a very sweet princess crown – post #17

Take a look at costumer47's blanket square - I thought those bobbles really did a great job of representing not only the hoops but also the maze walls that Flying students are having to navigate this month:

And finally, we have Muggle Studies, where Back to School is the lesson of the day!  Six of our Badgers have shown that they are not only ready for a new term at the House Cup, but that they also understand what this time of year means to Muggles!

kayhey – a very pretty laptop cozy – post #83
Jenstc2003 – a lovely and handy bookmark – post #73
costumer47 – three gorgeous blanket squares – post #68
Dottydori – some Muggle shoelaces, a.k.a. beautiful spinning – post #51
alitacasey – an adorable Pebble Mug Mat – post #42
kristelknab – a darling and handy Mr. Hootigan – post #26

Well, as a big fan of owls, and also because her description of eeeeee!mail made me laugh, I simply had to show you kristelknab's Mr. Hootigan:

Okay, Badgers...that's all for now...I hope you enjoyed my first round of Class Coverage, and I really hope that these homework turn-ins have inspired you to get crafting for Helga and the Hufflepuffs!


  1. Way to go 'Puffs!

    Thanks LumosKP for the update!

  2. Way to go 'Puffs!

    Thanks LumosKP for the update!