Thursday, September 13, 2012

Postcard Swap & Activities Update

HufflePost: Don't let the Owls have all the fun

Look for the new HufflePost Card Swap thread in The Den this week and sign up to participate. Send post cards or greeting cards to the names on you receive (probably 3-5 people depending on participation) and then sit back and wait for the Owls to arrive with cards for you.

Activities Update
I'm happy to report that all the activities threads are humming along.

Health & Fitness: We have weekly accountability and lots of mutual encouragement for our individual goals. Several people are working the Couch to 5K program.

Give & Take: If you discovered yarn or other supplies you could do without while you were organizing for Quidditch, take them over to the Give & Take thread. This is also the place to post info about charitable endeavors or fundraising for causes.

Spinning & Weaving: We continue to bring people over to the dark side. Spindles seem to be appearing in Hufflepuff homes around the world this term. (The moderators had a private discussion about whether to feature Aragog or Aragorn on the Spinning badge this term -- Aragog was voted most appropriate, but Aragorn is way cuter.)

Games: The perfect place to hang out late at night.

Hufflepuff Theatre: There was a nice crowd for last weekend's showing of Midnight in Paris. We've also had plenty of suggestions for what to watch while we get ready for the next movie weekend title to be announced.

Hufflepuff Library: The HP Readathon is still underway, but lots of other titles are getting shared, too. A recent request for help with science fiction titles for girls generated many wonderful suggestions.

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