Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday Catch-up and Sunday Staff

First off, your Activities Prefect apologies heartily for missing yesterday's activities update.  The Den has been Wildly Busy this week, but I do invite you to jump in and offer opinions and insights as well as queries and concerns in any of our Spring Activities. 
A few Quick Notes:
The HuffleTheater is having it's first movie watch-along weekend next week.
You can pick up a Lot of badges in our Sock-Along this month.  Check them out!
The HuffleCleaners and the Spinners are ready to help you with any issues and happy to cheer with you when things go right.
The Library and the HuffleGames are always up for some new chatters!
Don't forget to stop in the Give and Take thread this term!  There's a lot of trading going on in there.

And now, for our Regularly Scheduled Sunday Staff.  Please give a warm welcome to our Amazing HECK-mistress and cete-mama, Jen2291!

Tell us someting interesting about yourself: I crochet an average of 10 hours a day, even though I work full time. (No, I don’t sleep.)

What started you crafting?: I needed something to keep my hands busy at the kid’s softball games, crochet was easy to carry, relatively mindless, and had the added bonus of distracting me just enough to not get too wound up over coaches and referees. :oP

What’s the most exciting thing you crafted last term?: You’re kidding me right? I have 28 projects to choose from. How about my mini HP characters?
If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?: Health, more time with my kids/grandkids, and enough money to take a really great vacation every year.

We’re vacationing at your house this summer!  Don’t panic, we’ll get hotel rooms but you have to entertain us.  What local attraction are we going to go see?: I LOVE to play tour guide. We’d see Montezuma’s Castle, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon!

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