Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Firstie's View - Today's the Day

It's still dark out but that doesn't matter, it's time!  The weeks of waiting are finally over.  No more wondering.  No more pacing. Today's the day, the wait is finally over - Spring Term has begun!!

With our house colors proudly displayed, we walked into our classrooms. Nervous. Excited. Scared. What will this term hold - what will we learn? Will we be able to perform at the level that Hogwarts is accustomed to out of their students?  So many questions getting jumbled in our heads. Each class held more information than the last but as the day went on, it all began to make more sense. Homework assignments, while challenging, don't seem unobtainable after all.

As the day begins to wind down and we all start to head back to our dormitories, there is a collective sense of relief.  We may not know exactly what is going on or exactly how we will complete all the tasks laid before us, at least we have begun.

We've made it through the first day - all limbs intact.

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