Thursday, May 3, 2012

Join the Order of the Phoenix!  

A mission is one that should take more than a month, but less time than an OWL to complete.  Some students are intimidated by OotP projects.  (Order of the Phoenix = OotP).  One of the challenges of a Mission is to come up with a clever story.  Since that has often been a stumbling block, JMN has a great idea to band together to Protect the Hall of Prophecy together and has shared a story for us all to modify and use for our submissions.   BROOMS can be submitted on May 6!

Here is a little more information on the subject from JMN:
::There was some real excitement for the OotP template for proposing a BROOM and fate worked so that we had the perfect prompt - Protecting the Hall of Prophecy!
Here’s the prompt from the thread: 
Guard the Hall of Prophecy - We don’t know who’s disturbing the Ministry - but we’re going to patrol the most sensitive area! Craft something that will help you stay awake and/or warm while patrolling at night.
So we put our brains together and came up with this proposal:
Dear GazeboGal, as badgers are known to be nocturnal, Hufflepuff House will be working together to guard the Hall of Prophecy through the long cold nights. It’s going to be quite chilly but we are prepared! I’ll be bringing insert muffin type here and insert pattern here. Have no fear! The Badgers will keep the Hall safe! Sincerely, insert Rav ID
And you can personalize it even more if you'd like.  
A simple turn-in prompt when your project is done:
The Badgers were successful! No prowlers were seen and the Prophecies are safe! I was kept warm with my insert pattern name. Unfortunately, all the muffins disappeared! 
Include photo of finished object!
Part way through the term, we’re going to have a few telegrams to send to GG just for fun. Something along the lines of: ”
dear gg muffins gone stop on to oatmeal cookies stop no sign of prowlers stop
We’ll work on that and get back to you!::
We are hoping that by following this basic format, we as Hufflepuffs can FLOOD the OotP with proposals and projects! Remember EACH OotP project turned in earns 100 points for both you AND Hufflepuff! Huzzah! Hufflepuff! First Quidditch, Now the WORLD!

TTFN - MsOyster, Your Advanced Studies reporter

P.S.  How are your OWL proposals coming along?

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