Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dye-ing to Help!

Hey Puffs!

I've heard that some of you are intimidated by the idea of dyeing even though it's soo easy.  So, here I am to help you out. 

You're going to need:
  • Kool-aid flavor packets, in your choice of color - make sure they're the ones without sugar.  Generic/off brand drink packets work fine.  The more color you use, the darker your dye will be.
  • Yarn: Animal Fibers are the only ones guaranteed to work for kool-aid dying.   I'm not saying you can't use acrylic or cotton, just that I can't guarantee you'll get a good or even decent color.  However, I have used blends and you get some nifty striping.
  • Water (tap is fine) and a way to heat it.
  • A bowl or container to hold your project.  
Step One: Soak your yarn in cool water while heating more water to boiling (or nearly so).  I use my handy teakettle but you can use a pot or the microwave or the tap, if your tap water gets very hot.
Step Two: Take the Yarn out of the cool water, and discard the cool water.
Combine the Koolaid powder and the hot water in the bowl, then add your soaked yarn.
 Let it sit there for 15 to 30 minutes, then check the color.  The water will turn clear(ish) when all the color has been soaked up by your yarn.  If your yarn has soaked up all the color but it's not dyed enough for you, repeat step Two!

Step Three:  *If you would prefer not to have brightly colored fingers, now is the time to locate some gloves and put them on*  Take the yarn out of the water and gently wring it out.  Rinse it under cool water and gently wring it out again.  Hang it somewhere to dry.

See?  Easy!  Go try it out!

Still confused?  Feel free to ask questions on any of the Ravelry Forums or to send a Ravelry message to Kaypendragon.
Have fun playing with your new skill!

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