Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It isn't too late to propose an Order Mission  

As we discussed earlier, the Hufflepuffs have joined together to Guard the Halls of Prophecy.    There are many missions that could be undertaken if being awake all night and wandering the halls in the cold doesn't inspire you.  
Successful completion of an Order Mission is worth 100 points for your House! If you reach the 25% mark you will receive 25 points in recognition of your work.

Key dates:

May 1-5 - Think over your willingness to take on a mission, given the jobs we are planning to do.
May 6 through 20 - Basic Requests for an Official Order Mission will be accepted. Mission Chiefs will reply that your BROOM needs adjustment or is acceptable as quickly as they can.
May 27 - Order Commander will say “Go!” You may begin crafting.
July 8 - Players may begin to hand in completed Missions!
July 22 - Last day to hand in completed Missions! Please note the date: July 22nd!

How do you post a BROOM?

Please begin your BROOM post with the information below. Your Mission Chief will contact you as soon as a secure means of communication can be established. Watch for surreptitious owls or faces in the fireplace. Your Mission Chief will need to inspect your BROOM and give the signal that all is well with your plan before your Mission begins.
Format for Basic Request for Order Operations Mission:
Name (RavID): 
House (or NQFY or SOS): 
Department: Mission (such as Central Command: Wombat Wrangling):
Plan: Within a story that goes along with the mission type, tell your Chief how you plan to fulfill the mission. Projects must take longer than one month to complete; ideally projects will take between 6 and 8 weeks. Remember that your owls can be intercepted so be cautious and only reveal details as necessary.

I hope you will join us in a Mission.  They are a lot of fun!

TTFN - MsOyster, Your Advanced Studies Reporter

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